This list contains the top deals I've found for Fluorescent Light Diffusers. We have also written about Fluorescent Light Diffusers, Fluorescent Light Panels and Fluorescent Light Covers.
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Fluorescent Light Diffusers

  1. Decorative light diffuser panels and fluorescent light diffuser panels at Greek Panels:  Greek Panels are beautiful translucent panels that replace your existing diffuser. Easy installation that can take you in just few minutes. Find more here. (
  2. Decorator Panels for Fluorescent Lights at Fluorescent Gallery: Check out their Lightshade Panels™ transform intense fluorescent lighting into a beautiful source of light that fully enhances the appearance of your home or business here at Fluorescent Gallery. Installation is simple: just open the light cover, install a Light Panel, close the fixture and enjoy your artistic lighting. (
  3. Malcolite Corporation: The leading manufacturer of light covers and replacement lighting diffusers for all fluorescent and commercial lighting.  They produce all types and shapes of light covers and stock thousands of lighting lens styles including light covers, flat lens, parabolic louvers, diffusers, vaportites, tube guards, and more. (
  4. SKY-SCAPES: Sky-Scapes provide fluorescent light diffusers designed to reduce the harsh glare emanating from sterile existing fluorescent lighting. Their light diffusers have images of beautiful scenes that help to create a more relaxed soothing atmosphere. (
  5. Fluorescent Light Diffusers at Stratus Designs: Replace your traditional fluorescent light diffusers with our Sky-Scapes® panels. Printed Diffusers with colorful graphics and are designed to be both cheerful and calming at the same time. All you need is a ladder to reach your lights. (
  6. Fluorescent Light Diffusers at Cool Scenics: Cool Scenics® provides us fluorescent light diffusers that have graphic image print. Check these wonderful pieces that can cheer up your home. An easy-to-install diffuser brought to us by Cool Scenics. (
  7. Art Light Diffusers by Minds Capes Online: Mindscapes provide facilities with creative, cost-effective entertainment that will enable your patients to enjoy a relaxing stress-free environment. Their products can transform your ceiling into a one piece of art. (
  8. Decorative Fluorescent Light Diffuser Panels at Sky-Panels: Experience the calm and pleasant effect our beautiful panels bring to any environment here at Sky-Panels. Their panels bring the relaxation and vibrant look of the outdoors, inside your home or business. SkyPanels are made on 100% Acrylic material, can be trimmed with a simple razor knife to fit smaller sizes, and are shipped within 2-3 business days. (
  9. Fluorescent Light Fixture Lenses at Good Mart: A good variety of lighting supplies like bulbs, fluorescent lights and more. Try shortening your search phrase and more product choices will be returned. Click on their products to see its detailed specifications. (
  10. eLightBulbs: eLightBulbs  offers a selection of fluorescent tube sleeves that diffuse the glare. Enter your email address to receive newsletters from them. (

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