This list contains the top deals I've found for Fluorescent Light Diffusers. We have also written about Fluorescent Light Diffusers, Fluorescent Light Panels and Fluorescent Light Covers.
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Fluorescent Light Diffusers

  1. Malcolite: Malcolite is the leading manufacturer of light covers and replacement lighting diffusers for all fluorescent and commercial lighting.  Check out all types and shapes of light covers and stock thousands of lighting lens here. (
  2. Flourescent Gallery: The place for all your lighting problems. View their Installation Photos, Sky and Cloud Diffusers, FAQs, Sizing Your Lens, Shipping Offers, and more. (
  3. 1000 Bulbs: All your Light Bulb Problems are now solved thanks to 1000 Bulbs. They offer their widest range of Light Bulbs, Ballasts, Christmas Lights, Rope Lighting, Light Fixtures, Light Diffusers, Batteries, LED Lighting, and more. (
  4. Cool Scenics: Cool Scenics are image printed on your New Diffuser to feel a new look inside your houses. Check out their Clouds-Sky, Flower Light, Trees-Rural, Flag Lights Cartoons, and more images for your panels. (
  5. Sky Scapes: These are fluorescent light diffusers designed to reduce the harsh glare emanating from sterile existing fluorescent lighting. The images of beautiful scenes that help to create a more relaxed soothing atmosphere. View their products here. (
  6. Greek Panels: Take a look at Greek Panel’s Decorative Light Diffuser Panels and Fluorescent Light Diffuser Panels for sale. These diffusers are easy to mount and are at affordable price. (
  7. Art Fiberglass: View Art Fiberglass’ Ceiling Light Lens Diffuser, Ceiling Dome and Door Translucent Fiberglass Panels with Handmade Art Work Imbedded Inside. Add color to your everyday life with these Diffusers. (
  8. Stratus Designs: They offer Light Diffusers from known brands like Sky-Scapes. Check out their whole gallery here and avail great offers and discounts. (
  9. TLC Direct: Fluorescent Lighting, Diffuser, Lens, and more here at TLC Direct. View their entire index and found out how to use their Quick Order Entry and Stock Availability. (

Additional User Suggestion

  1. Wes Thomas wrote:

    An IronLite is a graphic overlay made from a hand-drawn design that is printed on polyester film. It is specifically designed for use in 2′ x 4′ fluorescent ceiling lights found in kitchens, utility rooms, offices, basements, and other areas of your home or office. Each IronLite is a reproduction of decorative, hand-drawn art in a wrought iron pattern that accents your existing interior design while improving the character and personality of your living or working space. works in any kitchen or office with 2′ x 4′ ceiling fluorescent fixtures. Our products are easily trimmed to fit and are easy to install using adhesive that is included with your purchase. The polyester film is designed to store architectural, graphic art, and other patterns for long periods of time. It lays flat, is non-yellowing, and resists heat to 230 C. Your image will not fade or flake and it will accent your kitchen or office fluorescent light fixture for many years to come.

    Posted 10 May 2011 at 4:21 pm
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