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Fluorescent Light Covers

Boring fluorescent light fixture at home or office has a solution. There are ways to decorate it by providing covers or light panels. Aside from the aesthetic effect that these covers or panels provide, they also soften the light from the fluorescent bulb. Online you are guided to different decorative solutions that give way to a more unique design that can add drama to a space and transform it into an art display.

  1. Malcolite Corporation – Committed to providing the highest quality materials, exceptional customer service, and competitive prices on all products, they are the nation’s largest manufacturer and distributor of replacement plastics for lighting. In the business for more than five decades, they are the choice when it comes to lighting services. They produce all types and shapes of light covers and stock thousands of lighting lens styles. Their light diffusers are available for all fluorescent and commercial lighting. (
  2. Fluorescent Gallery – There is always a need to soften and decorate the fluorescent lights at home and in the office. It is now possible to complement the economic benefits of fluorescent lighting with the artistic and enjoyable visual qualities found in fine lighting. At this site you will get a glimpse of the different Lightshade Panels which transform intense fluorescent lighting into a beautiful source of light that fully enhances the appearance of your home or business. These panels would surely make your home lighting looks like a custom made fixture that is very amazing. (
  3. Fluorolite Covers – Their main business is to manufacture and distribute light covers. Mostly plastic, but some aluminum items. Replacement light covers are mostly found in schools, hospitals, offices and apartment complexes. They have all types to get you covered. Browse gallery at their site’s front page for a quick selection of the type that suits your needs and preference. (
  4. – It is an option to go for the recognized one in terms of growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction. This new and improved site will take you to the best lighting service that can make your buying experience exceptional. Their style is straightforward, getting to a search that is not tedious but with quick result. (
  5. Light – As you review their site, you will come to know why they claim to be the leading source for light covers and replacement lighting diffusers for all fluorescent and commercial lighting. They have all types and shapes of light covers and can recommend thousands of different types of plastic light covers, parabolics, acrylics, and all types of energy efficient lighting solutions. You can talk to their expert staff for lighting advice which considers your needs. Ordering won’t be difficult as you will be guided as to how to go about it. (
  6. Sky Scapes – The company came about due to it founder’s intense passion for beautiful lighting. Their large selection of designs and more on its ways speak for its mission which is to be the one with the most complete offerings of products, services and solutions in the label industry. Their distributorship is nationwide to have their assistance rendered anytime it is needed. (
  7. Calloway House – Their dedication to provide quality products, as well as fast, courteous service and satisfaction guaranteed is at the heart of their business. This has made them the complete resource especially for classroom organization for over 40 years. Their light filters come in calming white and blue filters that instantly change the mood of the room. They process all orders, service all inquiries, inventory and ship all products from their corporate office and distribution center located in Lancaster, PA. (
  8. Art Fiber Glass – Their products are personalized as they work directly with their factories for their customers’ artistic needs. With hand made work observing the highest standards the customers are assured of many years of trouble-free use. Their site speak well of their handmade ceiling and door art products which are hand laid fiberglass panels designed and crafted to suit your needs with all of the art and color sealed inside the panel. Their emphasis is on life with all colors. (
  9. Sky Panels – A very dynamic site that welcomes you with a video. Their panels bring the relaxation and vibrant look of the outdoors, inside your home or business. You can experience the calm and pleasant effect that their beautiful panels bring to any environment. SKYPANEL are beautiful translucent panels that are a good replacement for your existing diffuser. Installation is easy and can be completed in a few minutes with minimal effort. Their products cater to anyone. Thousands of their panels can be seen installed in all types of homes and businesses. With easy installation and instant results, they are the sure-fit way to soften the look of any space. (
  10. Ironlites – They have decorative graphic designs that make your existing fluorescent light fixtures unique. Specifically they are made to decorate the light panel or diffuser of any lighting fixture. The site provides all decorative solution with tips and guide fitting the needs of your home and business. (
  11. The Home Depot – Basically the site is created for you to have comparison, the products shown at the site are the selections which you can compare from other manufacturers. You can’t buy, you have to check with local stores for availability. (

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