Every Day is a School Day

One of the great things about not knowing much about anything is that every day is a school day. Actually, I had always naively assumed that I knew stuff. Sadly, every day the internet tells me I was wrong. Here are a few examples of today’s lessons.

I was just reading about how to make a worm farm. After the initial, obvious question was out of the way I realised that I know nothing about worm farms. I don’t even know what you do with them, where they live on the farm and whether you need to get up early to milk them. It seems a lot of hassle just to have a bunch of worms hanging about the place looking glaikit (that’s my Scottish word for the say, which may turn into a regular feature).

Is canine plantaeris something to do with dogs and plants? I tend not to trust stuff which is written in a dead language as a general rule. It is a life strategy which has served me well until this point but now I am intrigued about this canine stuff and may need need to broaden my mind ever so slightly.

I love the sound of the Hermes Cape Cod watch and I really, really hope that it is a watch in the form of a cod. Or a cape. It isn’t though, is it? It’s just a fancy watch with a name which bears no relation to its shape or texture. Which is a shame when you think about it.

Is the moon movie I saw a while back real? A Spanish documentary come on the telly a while back when I was half asleep. It showed astronauts walking about the moon’s surface and looking at buildings and stuff. Is this real or is it a fake which only takes in gullible fools? I had a look online and could find surprisingy littleĀ  information about such an important video. Hmm, I think I’ver been fooled again.

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