This list contains the top deals I've found for How to Make a Worm Farm. We have also written about Worm Farming, Old MacDonald’s Farm and Used Farm Equipment.
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How to Make a Worm Farm

  1. Zero Waste: Let Zero helps you make your own Worm Farm. Know the items and tools you need. Follow their guide for you to successfully manage your own farm. (
  2. Planet A PDF file discussing the essentials in building your own Worm Farm. Know how to construct your own farm, the bedding, how to feed your hungry worms, and the maintenance of these worms. (
  3. Working Worms: A step-by-step guide in building your own Worm Farm. Know the principles, the proper selection of bins, instructions, the composting bins, the set up and the starting production. (
  4. Open Tutorial: This tutorial explains How to Make a Worm Farm. Worm farms can be an effective method of composting materials, for use in gardening, and a great source of fishing bait. Worm farms can also be a fun learning project for kids. Read them all here. (
  5. DEQ: Making your own worm farm is a lot easier now with the help of DEQ Louisiana. Know all the important things you need to know about these worms and a=start your own propuction of these worms. (
  6. Creature Features: Build your own compost and start with the help of these worms. Know all the things you need to know and also learn some pet facts. (
  7. Step by Step: This is your step by step guide in making your own Worm Farm. You can buy some of the tools and items. (
  8. Tutorial Videos: Google’s list of Tutorial Videos that informs us how to properly maintain your worm farm. Watch them all here. (

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  1. salam wrote:

    i am student
    i am from iran
    can you give me some information about red worm(isinia foitida) exampole film

    Posted 05 Oct 2012 at 8:12 am

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