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Polly Pocket Games

  1. Girl Game Zone: Play Polly Pocket Dress Up Game here at Girl Game Zone. Fun and Entertaining Game for Girls who love Polly Pocket. Play it here. (
  2. Magic Fashion Stage: An Online game at Polly Pocket. Set the Clock, Play Guitar with Lila, and Help Polly find her Outfit. Play it here. (
  3. Power Pix: An Online game here at Polly Pocket’s official Site. Help Pixel Piggy captures Images of Polly and her Friends. Navigate it and conduct an awesome concert with those pics. (
  4. I Want a Cracker: Decorate your own Cracker with the Help of Polly. A fun and imaginative way to enhance your creativity. Play it here. You can even Print the Crakers you designed. (
  5. Everything Girl: Play Barbie, Monster High and Polly Pockets games here at everything Girls. Also Check out Pippa’s Hot Picks. Login now and able to save your progress with the game you are playing. View all their games here. These are free so every girl can play them at ease. (
  6. Game Kids Games: Play Polly Pocket games here. Polly Pocket Games including Polly Pocket Party, Polly hair Stylin Salon, Polly Pocket Color Book, Polly Pocket Pick Up Party, and more Polly Pocket games. Also play games like Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, Ben 10, Care Bears, and more here at Game Kid Game. (
  7. Play Barbie, Polly Pocket, Wizards, American Girl, F.a.m.p.s. and more games for girls here at Mattel, the famous toy maker of Barbie, and Polly Pocket. Also check out some of their videos here. (
  8. Dress Up Games: Play online Dress Up games here at Play their Hair Games, Makeover Games, Doll Games, Celebrity Games, Fashion Games, and more. (
  9. Mattel Games: Play American Girl, Hot Wheels, Barbie, I can be, Polly Pocketm Fisher Price, Monster High, My Scene, and Battle Force 5 here at Mattel Games. Also Check out Today’s Games, My Favorite Games, This Week’s Challenges, Today’s Top Games, and Trivia. (
  10. My Scrapbook: Play My Scrapbook here at Polly Pocket. A free online game where you can create your own scrapbook. Find Items, and help Polly’s friends complete their own Scrapbook. (

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