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Country Curtains

Country curtains are those types of curtains with bolder prints and colors, traditionally in checkerboard plaids and repeated prints. They may be difficult to find these days because many décor stores are leaning towards modern designs. Here are some sites that offer you a selection of country curtains for a more inviting home.

  1. Country Curtains – Although the name of the company represented by this website is Country Curtains, they don’t only sell country style curtains. They also have collection of other curtain styles. But they do have an elegant collection of country style curtains. They have a systematic catalog for their products such that you are able to see the picture of the curtain, available colors and/or patterns and the price range. When you click one curtain product, you will see its own page where you can read the product details, guide on how to measure and install, guide on how to achieve the look of the product as seen in the catalog picture and consumer reviews. You can also easily view the product in another color. (
  2. Primitive Home Decors – The country curtains found here are more traditional compared to the ones found in the previous website. As can be seen on the webpage brought to you by the link, the designs here are more traditional and most are checkered plaids. Clicking one of the collections will lead you to the entire line. Each product in the line is aptly described and reviewed by consumers who bought the said product. (
  3. Primitive Star Quilt Shop – They have four classifications of country curtain products namely: swag curtains, tier curtains, panel curtains and valances. For each classification, they have curtains of different prints available. Each product then has its own page where you can find its description and price per piece. (
  4. Lake Erie Gifts and Décor – They have available country curtains to liven up your kitchen or bathroom. They offer a lot of country style curtains at affordable prices. In this website, you can find each curtain product described by material and dimensions. You can also see the color and pattern choices there are for each curtain. A one-stop shop for all your country curtain needs, they also sell panels, swags and valance types.  (
  5. Country Village Shoppe – Despite the fact that most décor stores now lean towards modern designs, this online shop still has a large selection of country curtains in every pattern and colors that suit your needs. From traditional straight m to more exotic fishtail swags, all of their curtain selections are made from fabrics that are true to the country style, incorporating themes like primitive stars, rustic hearts, and friendly crows beside familiar favorites of checkerboard plaids and florals. They have conveniently divided their available curtain styles into categories, enabling you to select the shape that appeals to your style the most. (
  6. Picket Fence Country Shop – For all your country furniture needs, this is the place to be. In this particular webpage you will find an assortment of country curtains in different designs, print and shapes. My only criticism is that the products are not classified or organized in any manner. The catalog list was random. Good thing they managed to include a detailed product description. (
  7. The Lloyd Company – This Ohio-based curtain shop has a decent collection of country curtains. They have several styles, and patterns to choose from. However, much of the curtains featured in their website have checkered plaid designs. In here, you will find pictures of the curtains such that each available print is rendered in various shapes. Prices for the different shapes of curtains with same design are also indicated. You can order online and they ship nationwide. (
  8. The Country Porch – Available here are various country curtains of diverse shapes and prints. They classify their curtain products into tiers, lined valances, tieback curtain panels, swags, fishtail curtains and etc. Under each classification are hundreds of unique prints you can choose from. It is worth knowing that each unique print can be considered a line of window curtains and tablecloth. Prices for these different products of the same print and belonging to the same line can be found in one place. Thus, you can easily buy a set of tablecloths and curtains that are cut from the same fabric. (
  9. BJ’s Country Charm –For the perfect window treatments to decorate your long windows; find country style curtains from this website. Most of the country curtains sold here are panel curtains designed to accommodate longer lengths. Every curtain style has its own dedicated page where you can find the product overview where you can find information such as the fabric used, available color options, measurements, prices and coordinating items. The website may not be that high-end but the information given to you about the products are absolutely adequate. (
  10. Piper Classics – Another online shop that specializes on country home décor and furnishings, they surely have a decent selection of country style curtains. They have moderately priced country primitive curtains in styles and fabrics to meet every country decorating needs. You can select from country style valances, country swags, tiers, panels and country shower panels. Each of these country curtain classifications are hold a variety of country curtains that come in different designs and patterns. Each category is described as to where and how they are appropriately used. Furthermore, every product is also described in full detail mentioning the material used in it, measurements, prices and related products that may go with it. (
  11. Home Portfolio – This webpage is labeled country curtains and draperies but the print, design, shape and styles of the curtains we can find here do not look like country. This criticism may seem objective but if you are truly looking for country curtains, I doubt that you will find what you have in mind here. (

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