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Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains, unlike the usual curtains, are made of rows of beads on strings. They have been in use for ages for a number of purposes. The different kinds are there for the different purposes. If you consulted feng-shui experts, you will learn that these types of curtains can actually keep energy flowing in the room. Apart from that, the usual use of these curtains includes easy and artistic replacement for doors and covering or hiding unwanted storage areas. These are also good alternatives to separate rooms, adding privacy and/or retaining privacy when the front or back door is open. Simply, these add inexpensive Art to a room as these drape down on the wall freely.

  1. Beaded Curtain – An online bead store specializing in beaded curtains for doorways and windows, the beads they used are of highest quality. The main types of beads they used for their beaded curtains are acrylic, bamboo and wooden beads. One very interesting section of the site is dedicated to educating readers on the basic simple instructions on how to make beaded curtains. You can see some pattern for designs in case you can not think of one. (
  2. The Beaded – The site’s beautiful pictures of beaded curtains can lure one’s attention to it. They have the best selection of beaded curtains in large variety of acrylic, PVC, wood and bamboo. You can rely on their excellent customer service if you are looking to the possibility of adding beaded curtains to your homes. More information is available at the site like what is new and what do others do to their curtains. (
  3. Shop Wild – This is a site where you can find real people, real customer service and real quality. Hundreds of curtains to choose from according to shape and size. You will never run out of styles and their excellent customer service will make you long to come back for another enjoyable shopping experience. To order, all you’ve got to do is to click their custom order page and you can already buy the one that suits your preference. (
  4. Beaded Curtains Mystic Dreams – This is where you can find the largest selection of bead curtains in real colored-pictures. For details of each type you will just click each picture and information like the size, designs and colors in acrylic, glass and crystal beads come out. (
  5. Beaded – The video presentation of beaded curtains is the edge of this site. You can easily make a choice when you are viewing an actual product. It adds color and excitement to your searches. They also have a section where you can get coupons for your next order. There are rewards in making bulk orders especially in the price consideration, the more you order more chances of being able to avail discounts. (
  6. Beaded Curtain Store– Part of their customer service is to put in the site the available numbers of each type of beaded curtains. You are aware if certain item is out of stock. Theirs is a complete product catalog with product images appearing in soothing colors. (
  7. – Their opening page is very simple, no decorations just the plain name of the site, yet it succeeds in drawing one’s attention to what is more than the name. As you click the name of the site, the next page is turned over  which has its focus to beaded curtains that are reasonably-priced, easy to use, pre strung and come with attached bars. (
  8. Bead Curtain – For those who have an eye for virtually designed site, this one is for you. This breaks in the monotony of web searching, you’ve got to find out for yourself how and where information can be accessed. There is a lot of scrolling and in between you get to read pertinent information about each type of beaded curtains that are coded. Reviews by recent buyers are included in the site which are essential to making you consider buying the item. (
  9. How to Care for Bamboo – The site is specifically for bamboo products and include bamboo beaded curtains. You will appreciate the richness of bamboo history in Asia from which it originates. Bamboo use within the home of many people is not surprising. It is a graceful plant that is light and very resourceful. When it hangs in a door way, it is like sending out an invitation to walk through. The author finds bamboo beaded curtains an exotic type of beaded curtains which only the artist in you can fully appreciate. (
  10. Bamboo Craftsman Shop – The site page which appears creatively in pieces of paper has all the information about beaded curtains made of bamboos. It looks like jotting down every bit of information in a piece of paper. Bamboo beaded curtains have a sound that really make them special. Most other beaded curtains have a nasty, hollow sound quality to them, but with bamboo, you have a peaceful clatter that brings warmth with it. In the site, you have the name of each beaded curtain, you get to see the price and a brief description. You will also get to view a product video presentation right on the site. (
  11. Bead Curtains – If your purpose is just to get information about beaded curtains, the site can serve. Only, it appears dull and uninteresting. It lacks visuals. Pictures and images will do the trick of making readers tuned in and not wander away. (

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