Oh What a Lovely Life

Isn’t today a great day in the history of mankind? I don’t know about you but I fell out of bed refreshed and ready to take on the world. This is going to be a perfect day even if I have to….

Look at beaded curtains. Don’t get me wrong, I think these are great. The problem is that I once spent about a year looking for some because -note; boring back story deleted by editor- Ok, where was I? So when the elephant went back to the Russian circus I gave up looking for the curtains. This means that looking at these hanging, clanking room dividers makes me remember how useless I am at getting things done. Great story, eh?

Look at country curtains. I don’t want to seem obsessed by the wacky world of window coverings but the country look just doesn’t do it for me. I have always been a sleek, minimalist kind of guy, and if I am currently surrounded by piles of junk as I write this then is just for post modern dramatic effect.

Paint balcony railings. Argh, my day is rapidly going downhill, as I have just remembered something on my long list of things to do. As well as clean the attic, cut the grass and brush my teeth I need to give the balcony a fresh lick of paint. It is one of those jobs which just have to done but I would much rather that someone else did it for me. Any offers?

Put up curtain rods. Oh no, can you believe that we are back to those drapes again? I have just remembered that I have a pile of curtain rods which have been sitting in my garage for over a year. Ok then, for over two years. It’s not that I am lazy but I am just a little bit fearful of using a drill and damaging the walls. And probably the floor, the roof and the geraniums as well if past experiences are anything to go by. Maybe I will live without those curtains for a year or so yet. After all, it is still a lovely day even without them.

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