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Curtain Rods

Curtain rods are used for suspending curtains. Almost everyone who puts up curtains in their home must also need curtain rods. If they are found in private spaces inside the house such as bathrooms, they tend to be telescopic and self-fixing. Those that are found in exposed areas have decorative brackets for added elegance. Here are some sources for curtain rods that might be helpful in finding the perfect curtain rods for your needs.

  1. Curtain Rods – As you could tell by the simple name of the site, they sell curtain rods for all window solutions. Their website serves as a catalog of their curtain rod products – all of which are effectively classified into the material used, sizes and special features or functions. You can browse their huge selection by category, starting with the convenient list located on the webpage you can access by clicking the link for this number. They also provide tips of curtain rod and drapery rod solutions for ideas. The website’s online shop is easy to use and is certified secure. (
  2. The Curtain Rod Shop – This shop is a part of Lespreance Interiors Store that focuses on curtain rods that come at the best prices. They boast of having 5,000 different products to choose from, increasing the probability of you finding the right solution for your various curtain rod needs in one place. Their curtain rod collections are classified into the construction materials used, such as stainless steel, wood, brass, iron, cast aluminum, genuine wrought iron, polished brass, antique brass, brushed nickel and many other finishes. Many brands of curtain rods advertise and sell in this website. If you are all for diversity of choices, this is the best curtain rod online shop for you.(
  3. Country Curtains – They offer curtains rods, window curtain rods, drapery rods and curtain hardware for every style of curtain and window, all are of high quality and value. Their products come in a variety of materials, finishes, functionality and design. They boast of selling only quality products. The website, including this webpage dedicated to curtain rods, is very elegant and well-organized. You can shop by browsing through the type of curtain rod you need, be it for decorative purposes, utility and tension rods, bay window and shower curtain rods. They also feature new arrivals to keep your curtain rod solution novel. Online shopping here is also very easy and secure. (
  4. Factory Direct Drapes -They provide a variety of drapery and curtain rods and hardware. In this particular webpage, you will see an agreeable classification of curtain rods such as contemporary metal rods, decorative rods, standard traverse rods, etc. If you are not sure what classification of curtain rod you should really look into, then the detailed description for each classification would surely be helpful to you. How a particular curtain rod type functions and what type or curtains or draperies can be used with it are efficiently described here. Not only will you be able to find a variety of curtain rod products to purchase, you can also learn a lot from the information posted on this very webpage. (
  5. Curtain Rods Decor – This is just a small affiliate site that specializes on selling sash rods. They are decorative rods that have the circumference of a pencil that usually come in the color white. Other information on the use of sash rods is placed in this website. They have a few number of sash rods for sale and these products are from eBay. For all your sash rod needs, this site would be sufficient. (
  6. Do It Yourself: How to Install Curtain Rod Brackets Into Dry Wall – For all the DIYers out there who wants to know how to install curtain rods themselves, this webpage has a step by step guide on how. The instructions are straight to the point and easy to follow. The needed materials are in a conspicuous list so that you are sure to prepare them ahead of time before beginning this DIY curtain rod installation project. (
  7. Continental Window Fashions – They have over a thousand for every decorative drapery rods, finials, curtain rod brackets, curtain rings, curtain holdbacks and specialty window curtain drapery hardware for any application or decor taste. They have a wide selection of curtain rod applications ranging from custom traverse curtain rods, bay window curtain rods or a bow window curtain rod to the ever popular swing arm curtain rods and crane curtain rods to make your window treatments look their best. Their products are classified primarily according to materials and functions, then they are further classified into brands. Pointing mouse over a category would show you a picture of a sample product as well as a description of its ideal uses.(
  8. Swags Galore – They have a few number of curtain rods for sale, making it much easier to choose. The site contains pictures of the products and sufficient product information to help you decide whether a specific curtain rod type is what you need. The ease of online purchasing in this site is also one of its plus factors. (
  9. Home and Family Resource Center – If you find online shopping for curtain rods overwhelming as there are different types and you just have no idea which is appropriate for your need, then this article here will surely help you. It is like a crash course for the types of curtain rods available out there and how one differs from the other. You will never be confused now about the differences among curtain rods, enabling you to make informed purchases of the said product. (
  10. Sears – This webpage include an informative article for choosing the right drapery hardware and rods. Just like the previous entry, it describes the different types of curtain rods explaining their ideal applications and which types of curtains/draperies they should be used with. For a traverse rod, the article presents a measurement guide to determine how wide a traverse rod should be set. Truly a helpful article for DIYers. (
  11. Bay Window Curtain Rods – This website presents an informative article on bay window curtain rods. However, it falls short on the specific examples of bay window curtain rod products. It is disappointing due to the fact that the website’s name would lead us to infer that it has more information on bay window curtain rods than any other website. Bay windows are extremely popular these days and it would’ve helped a lot had they included more data on their site such as a decent number of product listings. (

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