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Hair Colors

Hair dying is an ancient practice that entailed treating the hair with different chemical compounds to turn graying hair to black.  The first commercially viable synthetic hair dye was invented by Eugene Schueller in 1907. From then on, hair coloring became an important aspect cosmetic aesthetics.  Statistics show that in the United States, more than 75% of women, use hair colors.

  1. Choosing Your Hair Color: Okay, so I want to go strawberry blonde but my instincts tell me I should not. Right! You have to consider your skin tone before you choose a hair color. First, you have to determine whether your skin tone is under category cool or warm. A sample cool skin tone is very dark brown or true olive or pale with pink undertones. What’s your eye color? This website gives tips on how to pick the right hair color. (
  2. How to Choose Hair Color for Skin Tone: If you have the right hair color, your looks will certainly improve as the hair color will complement your skin tone and the color of your eyes. The wrong hair color could make you look sick and washed-out. Stand in front of a mirror with natural light and determine if your skin tone is yellow, red or pink-blue. (
  3. The Best Hair Color Shades (photos): There are 30 photos on this website featuring the best hair color seen on movie stars. Sandra Bullock’s brunette tresses become her. Debra Messing’s red hair looks great on her. Salma Hayek’s black hair is flattering on her. (
  4. 11 Things You Should Know Before Dyeing Your Hair: You just don’t dye your hair for the sake of being fashionable and hip. What if your chosen hair color does not work for you? Sure “pink” is a fine hair color if you say so, but can you really carry it off? This site indicates some simple truth that you should know before dyeing your hair. (
  5. Find Your Best Brunette Color: Is brown the right color for you? Well, there are three things to consider if you should do rich brown. First, if your hair now is mushy brown, you are better off brunette. Now, unless you are a natural blonde, going brunette is low maintenance. If your hair is quite dull and lack luster, going brunette hides the flaws of hair. (
  6. Ash Blonde Hair Color: Why do blondes have more fun? Well, maybe because ash blonde is one of the coolest colors! Note though that shades of blonde is a cool tone and that means going ash blonde is not for everyone. This site will walk you through the important things that you need to consider before and after going ash blonde. (www.bella-capelli-hairstyles)
  7. Find the Best Red Hair Color for You: You just can’t decide to go with the flow and go “red”.  Generally, women with pinkish skin are great at going reds.  Sure, there is the right tinge of red for women with olive/golden skin but finding one is a tough-y. If you want to be noticed, go red. If your hair is in good condition, go red. (
  8. 7 Fast Fixes for Color Emergencies: I have a friend that likes to experiment with hair colors. One day she’s brunette, a week after she’s red, a platinum blonde and then a platinum blonde with green highlights.  It seems my friend didn’t know that going ultra light blonde could result in greenish tinged hair. What to do? The article discusses some common emergencies for botched hair colors. (
  9. Protect Your Hair Color: You finally have the best-hair-color-ever! Now, you should all take all precautions so that your expensive hair-dye job does not fade. No worries! There are plenty of products such as shampoos, conditioners, styling gels, et al, to protect color-treated hair to keep them healthy-looking, shiny and stress-free. (
  10. 15 Best Hair Color Products: If you usually go for a DIY hair coloring treatment, then you are well aware that there choosing the best hair color product is not that easy. There are things to consider when choosing which best hair color product suit you best. This article discusses your options on hair color products. (

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