2013 Is Going to Be the Year Of…

Are we really about to move into 2013? It seems like only yesterday that I was watching fireworks whizz over my head as the new millennium began. Actually, it doesn’t seem like yesterday at all but you know what I mean.

Anyway, what will 2013 be the year of?

Cotton Candy. Wouldn’t it great if everyone you saw on the street was eating cotton candy, or if you went into the office and your boss was stuffing his rather unpleasant face with sweet, stringy stuff? The idea of cotton candy machine rentals is a very tempting one and I would love it be to the hip new trend for 2013.

Spray Tanning. When I saw the words spray tanning in Orleans I had a vision. I could imagine friends and work colleagues all over the globe discussing the benefits of a good spray tanning. That ridiculous  Gangnam video would be knocked off its YouTube perch by some dude getting down to some good, old fashioned spray tanning work. It could happen if you believe.

Log Homes. It would be fantastic if we all bought log home supplies and made our own timber houses. Instead of concrete homes and skyscrapers even properties in the most modern cities would look like they belonged on Little House on the Prairie. Speaking of which, I watched the Spanish version of it the other day and can recommend it as being even better than the English one. Get in some cotton candy supplies and give yourself an Ingalls based treat.

Go Karts. Could it possibly, maybe, perhaps be the year in which we all finally use go karts to commute to work instead of conventional cars? This might not solve the conogestion problems but it would be a whole lot more exciting. The go karts for sale on the internet would quickly sell out and we would all need to make our own home made ones to commute in. It sounds like 2013 could be the best year yet.

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