This list contains the top deals I've found for Log Home Supplies. We have also written about Soap Making Supplies, Insulin Pump Supplies and Pond Supplies.
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Log Home Supplies

Log Home Supplies – It is nice to sip your own cup of coffee while enjoying the warm ambiance of your Log Home in a cold Winter season. Check out all places in the Web where you can modify the looks of your Log Homes.
  1. Schroeder: High Quality, Low Maintenance Log Home Supply brought to us by Schroeder. Request for their complete Catalog here to view their wide range of Undercoats, Finishing, Log Stain, and more. The Catalog includes a Log Home Maintenance Guide. (
  2. Twin Creeks Log Home: Do you like your Log home to have its Top-Quality Staining Job ever? Then visit Twin Creeks for all your Log Home Supplies. They have tons of items for their Lumber Products, Stains and Sealants, Construction works, and more. (
  3. Discount Log Home Supplies: This site makes a stand to its name, all of their top branded Log Home Supplies are all in its discount price. View their discounted construction materials here, including the full log, half log, log sliding, Montana Ghost Wood, Tongue and Groove, Heavy Timber, and more. (
  4. Menco Log Home Supply: Log Homes are perfect outdoors! Especially when the sunlight flashes its shine to the newly furnishing and stained Logs. Here at Menco, you can check out their Log Home Supplies for Exterior and Interior usage. Navigate their product lists here. Click onto the item and request for more information. (
  5. Sashco Log Home Products: For a warm and comfy Log Home go to Sashco. They offer their Specialty Tools and Rustic Decors that are perfect for your Interior of your Log House. Check out their Newest and their Most Popular Items here. (
  6. Canadian Log Home Supply: For all Canadian Log House owners out there! This is a site worth checking for! Canadian Log Home Supply only offers their top branded Log Home Supplies that you will need to imp[rove the beauty of your home. Restore your Log House now! (
  7. Log Home Store: For all US and Canada clients, this is your store. You can view all their different brands of their products including their Sealants, Log Fasteners, Stains and Finishes, and Wood restoration items. Everything you need for your Log Home are here, expect logs. (
  8. Sisson Log Homes: Sisson Log Homes serves the Blue Ridge, North Georgia, North Carolina, and the Tennessee area. They specialize log home and cabins. View all their productsin their item tab. You can also visit their Guide page to what is their recommended brand or remedy for all your Log Home Inquiries. (
  9. Western Log Home Supply: Maintain the beauty of your home by putting on chinking, caulking, wood finishes, and UV Deck Stains. Find out their complete line of these items here. (
  10. Google News: Read the latest news in the Log Home Industry here at Google. Read recent happenings, innovations and other topics concerning these Log Houses. (

User Suggestions (2)

  1. Tina wrote:

    ETBS has the same suppliers as the major log home companies do, just not the overhead. So don’t pay thousands of dollars extra for that log home name and massive overhead. YOU choose the materials that are right for you, whether it’s just the logs or a complete log home package including the doors and windows. (877) 464-7257 (

    Posted 10 Feb 2012 at 6:54 pm
  2. larsoze wrote:

    I’ve had good luck with Schroeder, Saschco and the company I’ve linked to in my Name line here.

    Posted 15 Oct 2012 at 7:56 pm

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