Child’s Play

Do you have some favourite games from your youth? I guess we probably all do and recently I went a bit moist eyed and starting reminiscing about mine.

Blow up action. I never actually had any inflatable games but I had something fairly similar. My dad had a bizarre habit of bringing home things which he found on the street or in industrial waste bins. A bag of seaweed and an old, cracked Little Richard record were a couple of his best finds. I will never forget the day he brought home an inflatable football player. It was life size (well the same height as an 8 year old like me at the time) and I treasured it for years. Still don’t know where he found it though.

I probably own this one too

Animal fun. We used to have a hand puppet based on old Macdonald’s farm. It had a cow, a duck, a dog, a cat and a pig and I really miss it. Now that I have a daughter I got one for her but don’t worry, I haven’t inherited the habit of finding things and taking them home.

DIY golf. I don’t mean this whole piece to be an attack on my dad’s mental health but I just remembered one of my other favourite toys which I had completely forgotten about. He brought home a piece of green material which could only be described as plastic scrap. He then cut a hole in it and, bingo, we had a small putting green. I used to stuff newspapers under it to make it more difficult. Not sure why I didn’t just play in the garden but it’s a bit late to realise that now.

Reading matter. This is actually more about kid’s comics than teen magazines but when I saw the phrase it brought back a memory which had completely slipped my mind. I once set up a regular order with the kindly old chap in the local shop for a comic called the Beano which I think came out every two weeks. Unfortunately I then forgot about it for about 6 months. I had to beat a hasty retreat the day I went in and saw a huge pile of Beanos sitting behind the counter with my name on the piece of paper on top of them. If he is still keeping them by for me could someone please ask him to stop, as I would need to sell my house to buy them all.

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