Where Should I Live Now?

One of the weird things about moving to a foreign country is that you complain more about everyday things. At least I do. In the UK I accepted bad weather, high prices and rubbish telly as being part of my inalienable birth right. Now that I sleep on the other side of the world these things all annoy me. So where should I live to find a life of perfect bliss?

I could buy a big furry jacket, some log home supplies and go and live in Alaska. I already know that the weather isn’t great but is the telly there any good? I just checked it out on Google and one of the first results was a story on an Alaskan site which talks about a French reality show contestant dying, which just goes to show that we live in a global community after all.

I could move to Polynesia and live on the beach like beachcombers and seagulls do. Would I be exposing my ignorance by asking whether there are seagulls in Polynesia? I just did a search and the results were inconclusive, although I now know that there might be a place called Seagull in Polynesia, which suggests to me that these marine birds are not unknown there.

I could live in Andalucia and raise Spanish goats. Actually, I used to live there. I complained about the weather a lot. Apart from that, I hate goats of any type and nationality.

Florence Italy is a place I have heard a lot about. It sounds like a great city and I believe the weather is pretty good. It is famous as being one of the most picturesque and art filled cities in the world, isn’t it? I am not all that big on art but I reckon I could get used to living there.

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