Is Going Green Easier Than I Thought?

To be honest, my carbon footprint might possibly be of a size normally associated with Sasquatch but that doesn’t make me a bad person. I’ve flown long distance a lot in the last few years, my vehicle guzzles more gas than¬† I care to admit and my recycling skills are yet to be fully refined. However, I did plant some saplings in the jungle once, which must help my green credentials a lot.

Is it time to find out if going green is easy? You bet it is.

I may have mentioned that my uncle runs a trout farm at some point in my previous ramblings. This is great for getting cheap fish but the problem is that his trout farm is hundreds of miles away (maybe thousands; geography was never my strong point). This means that the hapless trouts fly here.¬† In a plane, I mean. I don’t know if they travel business class or tourist class but I know that starting my own trout farming here would be better. Hang on though, I don’t even like the blighters. I would be better starting a yogurt farm or an ice cream farm really.

I recent discovered that it is greener to plant local plants in your garden rather than ones from elsewhere. This is great but what if you like exotic flowers? Move somewhere exotic, buddy.

Bridesmaid dresses aren’t always used in the most environmentally friendly way, are they? I mean, you use them once and then what happens to them? A more sensible approach would be to start to use your for everyday things like going to work and popping out to the supermarket. You could start a whole new trend this way.

We should all plant more orchids. That is something I can do. All we each need to do is plant three of four in our gardens and we will help the planet. As long as they aren’t classed as exotic where you live, of course.

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