Solutions for a Better Holiday

My next holiday will be pretty much like the last one I had; a trip to the frozen, unwelcoming wastelands of the capital city to spend hours in queues to get my paperwork stamped. It is sure to be a little bit more entertaining than I just made it sound but it is still a good idea to look for some ways to make my trip a bit more interesting.

I could pretend that I am on HGTV House Hunters and look for a property to buy in the capital. Would I like to live in the bleak, unfriendly capital? Hell no, but at least I could snoop around a few houses and see what they are like.

Would it be fun to get a job while on holiday? Er no. I used to work in a bank in a holiday resort where people came to stay and work for a couple of months a year. The only problem was that I was about the only person who stayed there all year round. If you have never been in a ghost town with a beach during the winter months then I can highly recommend it. Anyway, maybe Home Depot jobs offer a better chance of having some fun while you are on holiday and working away, although I can’t guarantee a sun tan.

I guess I could go trout farming. I realise that it isn’t the conventional sort of holiday activity but when I am there I won’t be far from (probably) the highest altitude trout farm in the world where my uncle works. Do fish get altitude sickness? I’ll tell you soon.

Could I enjoy West Coast spas while I am there? Well, if it wasn’t for the fact that I will be hundreds of miles from the nearest coast and from the nearest spa maybe I could. I have never gone to a spa while on a break and it sounds like good fun. I could have a massage and spend some time in the jacuzzi before going to get frozen in the queues to get my papewrwork done. That’s what I call a varied holiday.

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