This list contains the top deals I've found for Home Depot Jobs. We have also written about Hospital Jobs, Government Jobs and Welding Jobs.
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Home Depot Jobs

Home Depot is the largest home improvement store in the world. There are stores in each province of Canada, 49 states, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and China. The Canadian stores have over 28,000 employees in both full-time and part-time positions. The following are the top 10 resources suggested for more information about Home Depot jobs and one resource that I would stay away from.

  1. Home Depot Student Opportunity (Canada): the following few resources will all be from the Home Depot website. I thought it important to separate them, as I find it important to explain them all, and the reason for choosing them. The first section on their career website that I think is great is the student opportunities section. It explains that they offer tuition reimbursement to their student employees, explains the types of jobs, and many more. (
  2. Store Management and Corporate (Canada): in the following section of the Home Depot careers website, they talk about positions within store management or at the corporate level. They explain the benefits, and the type of positions that would be available. There is also an in-depth explanation of the training process. (
  3. Customer Facing Oppurtunities (Canada): this section talks about positions available for people who want t deal directly with the customers. Above the sales associates and cashiers, there is also department supervisor or loss prevention investigator. This section also goes into detail about the benefits and training available for such positions. (
  4. Store Specialty Positions (Canada): finally, this section talks about the training and benefits, as well as a basic overview of the types of positions available in the stores specialty positions. These positions include: sales specialists, kitchen designers, and appliance sales associate. (
  5. Home depot careers in US – retail: the above websites were the resources for jobs at the Canadian stores; however there is also a website for American stores. Firstly there is a section for people who wish to work in retail with the positions available and the type of work available. (
  6. Home Depot Careers in US – Distribution Centers: Gives information about the types of jobs available in the distribution centers. They have a list of the types of positions that are available as well as some testimonials and videos. A great website to have a look at if someone is thinking of going to work at Home Depot. (
  7. Home Depot Careers in US – Call Center: This page gives an overview of the types of positions available, as well as the openings they have available at the present moment. There are also testimonials. This section of the career website seems to have the least information. (
  8. Home Depot Careers in US – Corporate: Although this section has only a little information on the type of information, and when clicking on job positions, there were none, I thought it was important to add it to the list anyways because it is a good resource for people looking to get into corporate as they would be able to keep an eye on openings. (
  9. Home Depot job description: This article gives the job description of a manager at Home Depot. The reason I chose it was because it did have an in-depth explanation of the position, including requirements as well as salary information. A lot of people like to know the salary when looking for potential jobs. (
  10. How to Get a Job Working at Home Depot: At first I had not even though of an eHow article, but when I found this one, I thought it game some great information on how to apply for a job a Home Depot, and tips in order to improve your chances of getting the job. (
  11. Rate my employer: Although this website had 54 reviews about Home Depot as a company to work for, I thought this was perhaps the most inaccurate rating. Let’s face it, for the most part, when people go write something on a website about a job, it will likely be because something bad happened. Most people who are happy will not go post on those websites. Therefore, I find that the company in highly underrated on this website. (

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