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HGTV House Hunters

House Hunters is a show that plays on HGTV that has one person, a couple or a family who are looking to buy a house. Most of the time these people already have a house and they are upgrading. When looking for a house, they visit three with the host of the show, and the entire show takes us through the emotional process of buying a house. At the end, we always find out which house they chose, and we see them in the new house. The following are the top 10 links of where to get the best information about House Hunters as well as one link that is not recommended.

  1. House Hunter’s section on HGTV website – The reason I chose this website, is because it has a lot of information on the show. You can look up any episode that has aired in the past. On top of that they have many tools and worksheets that can help people who are looking for a new home find one. They even have a quiz that finds out which type of homebuyer you are. They also have sort of game where you pick  between two houses, which ones you like better and then you can get more information on this house and the floor plan. You can also see how others have voted. (
  2. House Hunters on Wikipedia – Wikipedia gives a great explanation of the show. Even more detailed then on the show’s website. I also chose it because it also talks about the other versions of House Hunters, and I figure that if you are looking for more information on House Hunters, you probably enjoy it; therefore you would probably enjoy the other ones, and did not know they existed. (
  3. House Hunters on IMDB – When I first came on this website, I thought there was no information other then the summary for the show. Then I kept looking, and chose it mainly because there are a lot of message board topics about the show. The IMDB website also has four reviews of the show written and they have a lot of information. (
  4. Locate TV wesbite – This website contains mainly a list of all the times that television shows play. For example, when I search for House Hunters, and click on Friday, July 22th, 2011, it gives me a list of the times that the show plays during that day. This list includes which episode it is going to be and whether or not it is a new show. I chose it because of all the information it has. The times that the show is playing are all there in one spot. (
  5. Yahoo TV – House Hunters – The reason I chose the Yahoo TV website’s section on House Hunters, is because it has a list of everyone who has ever worked on the show. I am not just talking about hosts, producers and writers; it is really a complete list of everyone. There are hundreds of names listed, and if you click on a name it gives a list of everything else that person has done. (
  6. Hanley’s First Home – If you clicked on the link and went to the site, you may be wondering why I chose this one. I realize that there is only a small write up on House Hunters, but it is an e-mail from one of the producer’s to this couple and he explains exactly how the House Hunter filming format works. I thought it was interesting. Go check for yourself. (
  7. Disboard forum – This website is a forum called disboard. The link provided is only one of the topics, and I chose it because it is 7 pages of discussions about the show. I read it and found it interesting and I thought that other fans of the show may want to read it also. (
  8. How to be featured on House Hunters – I am a big fan of the website eHow. I find that it is the website that has almost every how to article you could ever look for. I chose this article because they explain in detail how to apply for the television show House Hunters.  (
  9. Pietown Production – Pietown Production is a company that produces unscripted television, which is also known as reality television. House Hunters is one of the shows that they produce. Their website has a description of the show, an application form for agents, an application form for buyers and a behind the scenes section. (
  10. House Hunters International – The reason I chose House Hunters International is because it is the most popular spin off of the original show. On this show buyers are looking for houses in other countries. On this website, you can test your House Hunters International IQ and watch full episodes online. (
  11. Topix website – When I clicked on this website, I was happy because it was a message board, and would be something I could use as a good website. Then I went on the website, and saw that there are only 5 total topics, and there are only a couple comments. I don’t know about you guys, but when I want to join a forum or message board I want there to be more than one post per year. That being said, I chose this website as a poor resource about the show House Hunters. (

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