This list contains the top deals I've found for HGTV Kitchen Design. We have also written about HGTV Urban Oasis, Kitchen Clothing Design and HGTV House Hunters.
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HGTV Kitchen Design

HGTV has many people that work for them that are very talented. The people who do the remodels often do a very good job. A lot of people are often looking for ideas that they have seen on the show for their kitchen, and wanting some tips on how to achieve a certain look they saw on the show. I have decided to compile a list of the top ten websites about HGTV kitchen design as well as one you should stay away from.

  1. HGTV Kitchen Design sections: I chose this website because it is directly from the network itself, and features tips about kitchens that were remodelled on their shows. They also have a very good showcase of pictures for people who like to look at various kitchens for ideas. (
  2. HGTV Home Design Software: I chose this website as it is selling the HGTV home design software. This software can allow you to design your entire house, including the kitchen the way you want it. Also it is important to note that no experience in design is needed. The software is very easy to use. You are able to add anything with this software including appliances, cupboards, flooring, countertops etc. I also chose it because the website is affiliated with HGTV so it appears to be a safe place to buy it online. (
  3. HGTV Canada: This website has everything one needs to know about HGTV Canada and kitchens. I chose it because there are many photos of kitchen ideas, there is a list of episodes that features kitchens, and there is also a list of tips and resources that are very helpful. (
  4. Jeb Design/Build Blog: This is simply a blog post, but I liked that it had the different styles of kitchen and an explanation of them with a picture. The kitchens they feature are: Asian, cottage, Mediterranean, English country, French Country, Modern, rustic, tropical, Tuscan, and vintage. (
  5. HGTV Pro – Kitchen & Bath section: The reason I chose this website is because it is a website for home building professionals, compared to one for amateurs who want to do it themselves. I thought it would be a good idea to give a resource to those who are already experienced in the field. They have a lot of articles, tips, pictures and videos about HGTV kitchen remodelling. (
  6. Rate my Space: These pictures may not be all related to HGTV, but I liked this website. They have a list of pictures in many different categories and they are all of kitchen designs. The link I have posted here is a link to the website with the search word HGTV and it brought up 376 results. (
  7. HGTV Outdoor kitchens: Another section of the HGTV website, I chose it because it was different than any other website I have listed. It gives ideas on how to design outdoor kitchens with pictures in order to give ideas. (
  8. Furniture World Blog: I chose this blog for this list because it actually had more than one article on HGTV kitchens. Although I was not able to do a search on the blog for GHTV kitchens, I do have one link which is the ones posted here that brings you to an article about 2011 Asian kitchen designs from HGTV. At the bottom of this article, which is very resourceful, there is a link for more HGTV kitchen related posts. (
  9. HGTV – Who pays the bill? Did you ever wonder who pays for all the renovations on HGTV? Well in this forum your question could be answered. It actually varies from show to show, but you can read this forum post for an interesting discussion on the subject. (
  10. HGTV video for trendy kitchen ideas: So in all honesty, I was not able to view this video as it is only available for people living in the US. However, the reason I chose it was because none of the videos about HGTV kitchens were available for me in Canada, and I figured this one would be a good one because it is directly from the HGTV website and gives people ideas, which is usually what people are looking for. (
  11. I chose this one as the resource that is not worth anyone’s time. I got to the website, and I was very happy, a website with a bunch of pictures of random HGTV kitchens. Well I clicked on an album and it didn’t work, but I wanted to give them a chance, so I clicked on another set of picture and that one did not work either. So the website may bring up thousands of results, but they do not work. (

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