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HGTV Urban Oasis

Last year, HGTV’s  Urban Oasis gave on lucky viewer a modern apartment in the middle of the city. The apartment is designed by Vern Yip. In this article, I will be providing you with helpful resources with information in regards to Urban Oasis 2011 which they will be giving away a wonderful apartment in Trump Towers. I will also give one resource that I do not suggest.

  1. HGTV Urban Oasis website – This website was chosen because it will provide a lot of information about the show since it is the shows home page. On this website there are guides on Urban Living and design tips and tricks. (
  2. Urban Oasis Blog – This blog is really great for all the information you want in regards to the Urban Oasis getaway. There are regular updates on the progress of the house with pictures and also some other interesting articles on decorating tips, and any other articles pertaining to urban oasis. (
  3. Urban Oasis Video – The reason why I chose this video is because it talks about the new location for HGTV Urban Oasis. Although it is part of the blog posted above, I thought it would be a great resources for those looking for more information on the new 2011 giveaway. (
  4. Floor Plan of the 2011 Urban Oasis –  Sometimes, I find that things are hard to find on the HGTV blog or website, so when I stumbled across the floor plan of the new house, I thought this would be a great addition to the list of resources. There is also a link from this website to similar information, like the time-lapse of the construction. (
  5. Pictures of the 2010 Urban Oasis – This is a blog post that I chose for the quality of the pictures. On the blod there are many pictures of the 2010 urban oasis giveaway, as well as the past houses from the thirteen Dream Home giveaway that have been given to viewers since 1997. (
  6. contest information – I chose this website as it has all the information necessary about the contest for 2010. The reason why I was not able to post the rules for this year is because they are no available yet. I thought this would give  some information for the time being. (
  7. Yahoo Finance information about HGTV Urban Oasis – I decided to chose this website because it has all the information necessary on the new giveaway for 2011. It also gives some extra information on Trump Towers which is the location of the new apartment that will be up for grabs. (
  8. Wikepedia Information on Vern Yip – I thought that the fans of the giveaway may also be a fan of Vern Yip, so I have decided to use this as one of my suggested resources. It has some information about his professional and personal life. (en.
  9. Sneak Peek at the New Apatment – This is a link to a website that talks about the new giveaway for 2011. There is not much information; however there is a picture of what the apartment looks like and I thought that may be of interest to some people. There are also other links to information about Urban Oasis. (
  10. Link with a video of Vern Yip talking about makeover shows – This is a blog that talks about Vern Yip and posts a video of an interview with Vern Yip. The interview covers questions about the Urban Oasis giveaway as well as other home makeover shows, and decorating tips. I thought it would be useful for people wanting to know more information on Vern Yip and HGTV’s Urban Oasis. (
  11. Beauty Interior Blog – I chose this website as one not to waste your time with. They have absolutely no useful information, full of advertisements, and not even well written. These are the website I generally try to stay away from. (

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