Life Is Just a Dream

Have you ever woken up from a dream which was so lifelike that you didn’t really know whether it had actually happened or not?This has happened to me a few times and I even had to check the results of the 1990 World Cup final once in case I had actually scored the winner for Scotland against Brazil. I hadn’t but I think my double hat trick against England in the semis was real.

What else could turn into the kind of dream you just can’t forget or what is there you can’t forget which could turn into a dream?

I am sure that I could easily have a nightmare about a giant fruit fly trap. Can you imagine being trapped there while all of those horrible fruit flies were wriggling and squirming beside you? I would probably need specialist help after a dream like this.

I once dreamt about being in bed dreaming. It like the sort of avant garde film within a film concept which sounds look a good idea but is really rubbish when you watch it in the cinema. This kind of thing could easily happen to me again if I start reading too many mattress reviews in bed. Can you imagine dreaming that you areĀ  areading a review of the mattress you are lying on. It would be a really boring dream and quite confusing too.

My wife has been talking a lot about curtain rods lately so there is a strong possibility that they make a guest appearance in my dreams one night soon. It would be great to dream about someone else putting them up and then wake up to find my home newly curtained. Would be a bit weird though for someone to sneak in and do that.

Have you ever dreamt about water tanks? I did something even worse the other night. I spent a portion of my night dreaming about the thing which makes sure the water doesn’t overflow (is it called a stopcock?) My tank overflowed the other night and my brain decided to think about while I was trying to concentrate on curtain rods and other exciting stuff.

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