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Fruit Fly Trap

Fruit flies messing around your fruits can be so disgusting. Eliminating these little bugs takes some creativity and patience on your part. You get to the source and take it from there. Online are several ways to make effective fly traps that would stop the breeding of these unlikely little bugs which continue to mess around your favorite fruits in season.

  1. Instructables – The site’s foremost aim is to provide workshop on how to do things yourself. Making fruit fly trap the simple way where just about anyone can do it is one. The site features one which does not take much effort, only your patience and creativity. It does well for people who hate mess brought about by little bugs. The simple procedure does not also take much time to follow which surely works for DIY people like you. (
  2. Dead Easy – A very straightforward site which presents two ways of making fruit fly trap. One is simple to make while the other one is complicated but with better results. For both you are given the information on the steps, how it works, the upside and downside. With the downside of both ways you can counter it by improving it through buying the site’s own supply of bait or better yet buy their own traps instead of employing the DIY method. You always have the discretion. Only you can tell what works better for you. (
  3. Lifehacker – Fruit flies trap is the easiest thing to do if only you know what attracts the flies to get trapped. The bait has to be effective, should contain fruit smell so as the flies get in fast. This entails no heavy engineering and not even a single tool is used, only your knowledge of these annoying mess. (
  4. How to Make a Fruit Fly Trap – During summer when you are enjoying fruits with fruit flies messing around, things totally become disgusting. The site’s video shows an effective solution using a trap which makes use of a banana peel or any fruit peel that’s heavy on sugar. The steps on making a trap are demonstrated very clearly. Visual demonstration is quite effective as you can follow through exactly as it is. As one step is finished you will also note some things to avoid. The steps once acted on which you visually follow get easier to do. The finished product can be seen right away and also how the trap works. (
  5. ABC Goulburn Murray– A much healthier and safer way of countering the attack of fruit pests is to do it organically. Pesticide is a big no because of its side effects. Making simple fruit fly traps using apple cider vinegar is much more effective and is very safe. Get to the bottom of it by tracing the breeding ground where female bugs are prevented from laying their eggs. The site has the simple procedure of making one effective fruit fly which makes use of banana peel. There’s no better and safer way but the organic way. (
  6. Frugal Living – Home made trap is best. You will be needing no tools nor skillful methods but just vinegar and an empty bottle with small neck. Vinegar is always available, doesn’t cost much, no harsh fumes and is not harmful to the environment. The smell of the vinegar is the main attraction but the presence of soap dish leads to their drowning to the bottom as the soap dish breaks the surface tension of the vinegar. (
  7. – The site is an informative article all about fruit flies, where it possibly originates, mostly from soda or beer cans at home being saved for recycling. The best thing for it is to be placed on a sealed garbage bag where flies are unable to reach them. Fruit flies usually breed in damp areas such as in sinks where the faucet is leaking. The site has a lot of ways to control and eliminate fruit flies by designing simple traps. The simple traps are detailed for you to follow on easily. Get everything else in full control with their helpful suggestions and tips to survive the painful presence of these little bugs. (
  8. Ezine Article – The article in the site gives you an overview on the best time the fruit fly breeds and where exactly it breeds. You will come to know that a lot of spraying can’t do much. It will only create an unhealthy environment as the toxic it emits can be harmful. Homemade traps are better using banana peel as an attraction. A bottle with small neck will do the trick perfectly. This has been proven effective. Following the procedures will surely make your kitchen a zero fly zone. (
  9. Terro – The video featured at the site though short clearly shows how a terro fruit fly trap works. It lures the fly because of the non toxic food based liquid. It specifically targets adult flies and works best when placed near the breeding site. The easiest trap to get on to as it is ready to use and perfectly rids the annoying fruit flies around your fruit area or even the whole of your kitchen area. (
  10. Gardener’s Supply Company – The fruit fly trap on sale is naturally made, non-toxic since it can be placed near the fruit bowl or any ripening produce. The size being small makes it appear discreet and can last long when not open. Regularly replacing the fresh trap can make control continuous. The reviews of actual users are featured favoring the use of the fruit fly trap being shown. (

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