What Type of Tattoo Would Suit Me?

tattooIt seems like everyone has tattoos these days. Except me. I have never really wanted any artwork onto my body but maybe it is time to get with the crowd and get one done. Now what design could I choose?

If I get a tattoo of Roman blinds done on my back I couldopen and close them depending upon the position of the sun in the sky. Hang on, I’ve not quite got the hang of this yet, have I? It is quite amazing that I have seen so many tattoos in my life and yet I have never, ever thought about what it would be like to have one. Do other people lie awake in bed at night planning what to get inked on their various body parts? That’s weird.

What if I turned my chest into a stone facade? That would be,well, interesting. I wonder why more people don’t turn their bodies into ornamental walls thanks to the power of tattoos. Or maybe they do and I just don’t know. I would hate to be missing out on a trend like this.

tatNow, having tattoos of hosta plants on my neck would be pretty controversial, wouldn’t it be? When I was a kid the tattoo craze was just starting and I used to w0nder how¬† all those hip teenagers would feel when they become grandparents with tattoos on their faces. A lot of them are grandparents now but they don’t seem to care. I think I’ll wait until I am a grandparent before I get my tattoo done. If nothing else it will cover up my wrinkles.

Have you ever seen a toilet paper holder tattoo? I haven’t either and I have to admit that it isn’t the most elegant design in the world. However, it could be just the start of a plan to cover my whole body in bathroom accessories. Now that would be classy.

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