What a Great Invention

kittyI just read that the guy who invented the computer mouse died recently. Doug Engelbart seemed to have been a bit of a genius and I just can’t imagine life without the mouse design he invented. This got me wondering about what other great inventions could change the world.

What about a machine for pruning tomato plants which made it so much easier for us all to haveĀ  our own home grown tomatoes? Can you imagine how much healthier we would all be if we could just walk into the garden a grab a fresh tomato. Peronally, I would use them all on pizzas and hamburgers but the intention is still good.

switchMaybe we could also use Hello Kitty bedding in a more useful way. This little cat is pretty cute but it seems a shame to leave her on the bed all day long. What is some clever person invented an entire wardrobe of Hello Kitty clothing? What do you mean, it’s already been done? There are definitely some weirdoes out there if that is the case. Some people even dress their cats as Hello Kitty, which is downright disturbing.

Mobile patio furniture cushions! I got your attention there, didn’t I? We could get some comfy cushions which get strapped onto our backsides. This would make general life activities a bit tricky but sitting down would be a real treat, and that it what really matters after all. I would love to walk about all day with a cushion strapped on me and maybe it would beocme the latest must have fashion accessory.

Isn’it time the world had more interesting light switch covers. I don’t know about you but I get fed up pressing the same, boring old light switch numerous times a day. Actually, I just had a look and there are some interesting light switches out there after all. Looks look someoneĀ  beat me to it and designed some before I even though of it.

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