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Patio Furniture Cushions

A patio has become an integral part of the house. It is a stylish outdoor space used for dining and entertaining or simply relaxing.  Patio furniture is unlike traditional home furniture as any outdoor furniture is designed and manufactured to withstand the elements. Granting you have fitting patio furniture, the next thing to do is to source for beautiful and comfortable patio furniture cushions.

  1. Outdoor Furniture Cushions Made of Different Materials: There are different types of materials or fabrics used for patio furniture cushions. A cushion could be made of foam or stuffed with feather, cotton or even air. How comfortable the patio cushion is depends on the materials used.  This website indicates the varied materials used in making patio furniture cushions. (
  2. Different Types of Cushion Foam: The idea of opting for patio cushion is to make for a more comfortable seat. A lumpy or saggy cushion will definitely defeat the purpose of a comfy seat. If this is the case, might as well throw out the cushion and seat on the hard teak patio chair sans the lumpy cushion. There are different foams used for a cushion. Might as well check them out to have a working knowledge of which foam to choose for the patio furniture. (
  3. Measuring Patio Chairs: So you want to buy cushions for your patio furniture.  There are standard sizes for patio furniture as there are standard sizes for patio cushions. If you want the best fitting patio cushions you have to measure the patio furniture. This site will take you to a detailed-easy-step-by-step guide on how to measure your patio chairs. (
  4. How to Measure Replacement  Outdoor Patio Cushions: For those who planning to replace their patio cushions and can’t remember the size to buy, then this article is for you. Sprucing up the old patio furniture takes less than a gallon of paint and some nice and new patio cushions.  Note that the best patio cushion should be made from weather-resistant fabric. Follow the simple steps on how to properly measure your patio furniture cushions. (
  5. Outdoor Furniture Cushions: There are different types of patio furniture. There are ones made of aluminum, wood, wrought iron, rattan, PVC or steel. It goes without saying that what is best for wooden patio furniture might not necessarily be the best for rattan wicker furniture. This site presents varied options for patio furniture in terms of patio furniture material, types of cushion textile and the proper way to measure the cushion and chair. (
  6. Replacement Cushion Sale: This website has a large selection of different patio furniture cushions with regards to sizes, designs, fabric and type of foam used. This website has links to different types of patio furniture with their recommended cushions. There are also helpful links and video presentation on how to measure your patio furniture and existing cushion. (
  7. Cushion and Throw Pillows: Who said beautiful patio furniture cushions are expensive? Well, there are expensive ones and there are inexpensive ones. If money is tight but you still have the itch to replace those lumpy and faded outdoor cushions, you can always source for affordable outdoor cushions. (
  8. Outdoor Cushions and Patio Furniture Cover: This online store has a wide range of very affordable outdoor cushions from outdoor benches to chaise lounge. Also retailed in this website are fitting patio furniture covers. Sure, the outdoor cushions are weather-proof up to a certain point but it is always practical to have a ready patio furniture cover as protection for both the furniture and cushions. (
  9. How to Create Cushion Covers (video): Is it even possible for a newbie to sew a cushion cover? Well, why not! You can always try and try again until you perfect it. This video presentation shows the detailed steps in creating simple cushion cover. You have the option to choose the material that you prefer. For regular DIY-ers, this video instruction should prove easy. (
  10. How to Clean Patio Furniture Cushions and Covers: Maintaining cushion covers is easy enough. All you need are water, borax, dishwashing detergent, Fels-Naptha bar soap, fabric protector spray, brush, spray bottle and the drive to do it. Most times, the latter is the hardest one to deal with. Follow the step-by-step guide. The cleaning process should not take more than 3 hours. (

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