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Outdoor Chair Cushions

Outdoor living has become more important and “fun” for homeowners.  An outdoor living space could be a wooden deck or patio or porch. Wherever it is and no matter how big or small it is, outdoor furniture is part of it.  Deciding which type of outdoor furniture is not necessarily hard as there are plenty of options in this department. Choosing outdoor chair cushions is enjoyable too as options are varied.  Here are some sites that target outdoor chair cushions.

  1. How to Measure:  Of course you need to know how to measure your outdoor chair before you can begin to source for the right type of cushion you need. The procedure is easy to follow. All you need is a tape measure. (
  2. Outdoor Patio Furniture Cushions:  Outdoor cushions are investments.  Any deck or patio furniture that makes use of cushions need to have at least one replacement set of cushions. This site has varied types of outdoor cushions – highback cushions, button tufted cushions, deep seating cushions, club chair cushions, hinged cushions and more. (
  3. Wicker Patio Furniture:  Here is a website that offers more than 1,000 styles and makes of outdoor cushions for different kinds of furniture as aluminum, wrought iron, wicker, wood, teak and even PVC. The choices for materials are extensive too. (
  4. Outdoor Dining Chair Cushion: Outdoor dining has become a popular way of home entertaining. More often than not, outdoor furniture is made of wicker, wood or cast iron which are all “hard” on the bottom and back. The best option is to fit the chair with a cushion that is easy on the back and buttocks. (
  5. All-weather U-shaped Outdoor Chair Cushions: Outdoor furniture is susceptible to all types of weather. There is no point of fitting a cushion on your cast-iron seat and then yanking off the cushion from the seat when it drizzles or when the sun is unbearably hot. The best thing is for you to get an all-weather and UV-resistant cushion. (
  6. Outdoor Cushion for a Bench:  The outdoor cushion sold on this site is UV-resistant. It will not fade or crumble due to the hot sun.  It is treated to resist moisture and soil.  The fabric is actually the same as the one used for convertible tops. The selection is varied – floral, stripes, paisley and more.(
  7. Outdoor High Back Chair Cushion: A High Back Chair cushion made of UV-resistant fabric is best for everyday use more so during the hot summer months. You don’t have to worry about the fabric’s colors fading. This cushion is eco-friendly too as it is filled with recycled plastic bottles. (
  8. How to Make Chair Cushions: Now you can always personalized your outdoor chair cushion by embarking on a DIY project. There are plenty of websites that deal with varied styles and designs of chair cushions. This website presents an easy and non-fuss step-by-step way on how to make your own chair cushion. (
  9. How to Make Patio Chair Cushions:  (video) Here’s an easy to follow video on how to make a patio chair cushion. You don’t have to be an expert sewer to be able to make a chair cushion. All you need is a tape measure, fabric, scissors, Velcro, sewing machine, needle and thread. (
  10. Caring for Outdoor Cushion:  Of course you have to clean and maintain outdoor cushion if you want them to last for a long time.  Though majority of outdoor cushion fabrics are weatherproof and resist mildew, occasional washing will be good for the cushions. (

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