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Black Mold Removal

Black Mold Removal

In the event that you are one of those homeowners who has found black mold on your home, do not touch until you know what you are dealing with.  Black mold is toxic and if you unknowingly disturb the black mold, the possibility that it will release mycotoxins in the air increases. In such a case your home is contaminated.  The right thing that you should do is call the services of a professional black mold removal service. Here are some of the things that you should know about black mold removal.

  1. What is black mold?: Black mold, Stachybotrys chartarum, is not actually “black” as it is more greenish than black.  It is quite toxic as even fit and healthy individuals can be affected by it. Some common reactions to black mold are allergies, skin irritation, breathing problems and other respiratory diseases. The elderly and young children are more affected by black mold. This website touches on the basics of identifying black mold, how an infestation starts and where it usually grows. (
  2. Ten Things You Should Know about Molds: Molds reproduce through tiny spores. These tiny spores could waft through the inside of your home through open doors, windows and cracks. When these spores land on moist wall or floor or ceiling, black mold mat begin to grow. Read the article on this site to know more about black mold. (
  3. What Causes Mold in Houses & Homes: Black mold just does not grow in your house. There are certain conditions for it to thrive and bring havoc to your home.  Some of these conditions are the presence of mold spores in dark, warm and wet areas. Note that black mold or any other type of mold will not thrive under ultraviolet light.  Oxygen feeds black mold. It needs a “food source” such as wet cloth, drywall, wood or even cotton to grow. If the condition is right, black mold can grow in a day or two. (
  4. What are the symptoms of black mold?: It is a fact that rooms with high humidity are more susceptible to black mold infestation.  A leaking pipe could very well increase the incidence of black mold.  If you see bubbling or peeling paint, this is a sure sign of a water leak that could very well lead to the growth of black mold. This site gives instances of when the growth of black mold is possible and gives pointers on how to identify symptoms of black mold infestation.(
  5. Mold Removal and How to Kill Mold: It is possible to kill and remove black mold just by using household and non-toxic chemicals and products.  These products are highly effective only if you know how to use them and if the infested area is not of a considerable size. If the infestation is large, it is best to call a black removal service professional. This article presents easy step-by-step guide on how to remove black mold using: vinegar, bleach, borax, ammonia, detergent, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil, baking soda and even grapefruit seed extract. (
  6. Mold and Black Mold Removal: It is a fact that any type of mold is harmful to one’s health.  Though it is a good idea to just hire the services of a professional black mold removal company, another option is to remove the black mold yourself. This site indicates the proper way on how to remove the pesky black mold. (
  7. Reputable Mold Removal Companies: A black mold that has been detected at its onset is fairly easy to eradicate just by using household cleaning products. However if the infestation is too large to handle, there is a need to call the services of black mold removal company. This site enumerates the qualities and services offered by a good black mold removal company. (
  8. Killing Toxic Black Mold-How to Remove Mold Safely (video): Here is an easy-to-follow video on how to get rid of toxic black mold.  Note to follow the necessary safety precautions when removing toxic black mold. (
  9. Ways to Prevent Mold Problems: You cannot possibly see all those millions of tiny spores that could trigger the growth of black mold. However you can make sure that the moisture inside your home is controlled.  The most effective way to control mold growth is to control indoor moisture. (
  10. How to Prevent Mold: Black mold loves moisture and organic materials for it to thrive. Your home is filled with organic materials where mold could thrive. Examples are the various building materials you have in your home i.e. drywall, wood, wall paper, carpet and such. On this site are ways on how to prevent moisture build-up in your home. (

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