Changing Hobbies

I just realised that the Euro 2012 football championships are on. I used to love watching all sorts of sporting events but this time around I haven’t seen a single minute of action yet.

This goes to show how life changes you. I used to sit around counting the minutes until kick off time so I could pop open my cremola foam (hi Scottish readers) and get some chocolates down my gullet. Oh, and I sometimes watched the games as well. Now what hobbies do I like or do I fancy taking up?

For a start, I would enjoy going to some boat docks and spotting some boats. Eh? This might sound bizarre but it has an almost logical explanation. I had always lived next to the sea until 3 years ago and now I really miss it. Heading down to the water’s edge on a blustery day and feeling the sea breeze on my face was one of the greatest sensations for me and I hope to experience it again soon.

My days of cremola foam and cheap imported chocolate bars are over. I now want premium lobster dining, champagne and, if at all possible, a nice cake. It’s not that I am a snob now but I enjoy the finer things in life more than before. Hey, if that makes me a snob then that’s fine too.

I look for child’s play type activites as well. Having a kid changes your life completely. I wouldn’t have time to watch all of the sport I used to do and even if I managed to find a tin of cremola foam in this part of the world some days I wouldn’t even have the time mix it with water.

I have stated taking more of an interest in the decoration of the house. I don’t yet spend a lot of time looking up kitchen splashback pictures and making comments on home decorating blogs but it is probably just a question of time. I  guess that this is a sign of growing up and maturing but sometimes I would prefer to crack open the chocolates and watch a bit of football with my dad like we did in the old days.

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