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Outdoor Fireplace Kits

The thrust for outdoor living is growing. More homeowners are opting to expand their living areas by converting their backyard into a comfortable zone for outdoor living by building a deck, patio or porch. A cozy outdoor space becomes an area for family gatherings and for entertaining friends. To create an ambiance of coziness and for actual warmth, a fitting addition is an outdoor fireplace.  Where can one source great outdoor fireplace kits?

  1. Outdoor Fireplace Kits: The Best Idea: An outdoor fireplace kit serves many purposes. Aside from keeping you warm and snug, it is also possible to cook meals using an outdoor fireplace. There are different material options for an outdoor fireplace kit that there’s definitely a style and design to complement the general style of a house. (
  2. What are Some Different Types of Outdoor Fireplaces:  Outdoor fireplaces have been integrated into most residential landscaping.  There are varied types of an outdoor fireplace which could range from classic and traditional designs to contemporary ones. An outdoor fireplace could be powered by gas, pellets or wood.  It could be made of wood, stucco, cement, brick and engineered materials. Make sure you consider all aspects of a particular outdoor fireplace kit before buying it. (
  3. Gas and Wood-burning Fireplace: Pros and Cons: Whether indoor or outdoor, there are two primary types of fireplace – wood-burning and gas. Which is better? Both have its pros and cons and it’s best if these are known before deciding on which type (based on the method of lighting it up) is best for the outdoor living area. (
  4. Escape to Your Backyard with an Outdoor Fireplace Kit: It is possible to convert your backyard into an inviting and cozy outdoor living space by installing an outdoor fireplace kit. It would not only create a great place for entertaining friends and family but would also add value to your home.  Browse on different types and designs of outdoor fireplace kits. (
  5. Assembly Instructions (PDF): Putting up an outdoor fireplace kit is not exactly rocket science. As long as you can follow instructions and have the proper tools, assembling one up is fairly easy. Different brands may have varied means and ways of assembly but this instruction manual is quite generic. (
  6. Outdoor Fireplace Kit (video): This is a video shows the assembly of an outdoor fireplace kit. The video features one of the models sold by Necessories Compact Fireplace. Their outdoor fireplace kit could be assembled by 2 persons (with no outstanding masonry skills) in less than 4 hours. If the owner prefers a see-through outdoor fireplace, cutting 6 fire bricks should do the trick. (
  7. Sonoma Outdoor Gas Fireplace with Crystal Fire: This is an excellent example of an outdoor gas fireplace kit. Assembly is quite easy as no mortar is needed. The crystal fire burns about 60,000 BTUs per hour. This fireplace is also compatible with natural gas or liquid propane. (
  8. How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace- A Step-by-Step Guide: Building an outdoor fireplace from scratch is do-able. The first thing that should do done is to find the most suitable location for the outdoor fireplace.  Possible underground wires, cables and pipes on the property must also be considered so as not to damage them.  This website features a detailed guide with video on how to build an outdoor fireplace. (
  9. How to Clean Your Fireplace: Regularly cleaning a fireplace is a must to maintain it in excellent condition more so if it’s been used for outdoor cooking.  Cleaning is quite simple as the only things needed are a bucket, scrub brush, drop cloth, goggles and a cleaning solution. (
  1. Modular Fireplace Kit Installation Animation:  Forno Bravo is the manufacturer of Calore2G outdoor fireplace kit. This page shows an animated version of assembling a fireplace kit. The procedure seems to be simple enough. (

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