Four New Exercises and Diets

Having recently recovered from the world’s first recorded case of flu which caused the sufferer to gain weight I decided it was time to find some new types of exercise.

Doing some work around the home is always a good way to burn off some calories so some Oryan painting and decorating seems like a good move.  I am not really sure who or what Oryan is but it has got to help me lose weight I think.

What’s the food like in Manitoba? I only because I came across details of catering in Winnipeg and wondered if it could be the solution.  I believe the name for the city is derived from the phrase “muddy waters” and this kinds of puts me off the broths a bit to be honest. However, I am sure that I could find some  tasty low fat treats.

I could get some lab equipment and build fancy slimming pills instead of doing exercises. Actually, some of these lab equipment looks quite heavy and I think that kitting out my home lab could be a harder work out than it looks. Altogether now, lift that bunsen burner and one, two, three.

I could run up and down spiral stairs all down long I suppose. If I had any in my house. I actually wanted to get some fitted a while ago and I was really disappointed when we discovered that there wasn’t a big enough opening to do it. The guy who was going to build them said that he could cut a bigger hole in the roof and that there was only about a 20% chance of it all completely falling in. They sounded like good odds but I decided not to do it in the end. Now I need to run up and down non spiral stairs, which is a lot less fun although it has less chance of making you go all dizzy.

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