What Else Does It Do Though?

Don’t you just love buying something and then realising that it works for something other than what the manufacturer says? I thought of this recently when I bought my first ever phone with a camera (am I little behind the times?).Anyway, now I no longer need to use my old camera which uses up two AAA batteries for every three photos it takes. So what else can I get more than one use out of?

You might think that electric lawn mowers have just one purpose but have you ever tried playing music on one? Get the little beauty revving away and you can rattle off a tune which is actually more pleasant to listen to than most of the music around these days. If you get a strimmer to play with it then you can even get some garden based harmonies going on in a lawn mower Beach Boys type of way.

I know little about galvanized coils but I did have a slinky toy as a kid. This is a sort of silly spring with walked up and down stairs, although mine didn’t see all that interested in doing tricks. You could have a little play around with your coils before you do whatever plan to do with them I guess.

I have to make a confession about mail boxes now. A number of years ago I used the one in our house for some kicking practice. I wasn’t carrying out any sort of esoteric martial arts or anything. I just used to give it a kick when I went past it in a bad mood. My mailbox bashing days are over now but I reckon they could make good target practice for anyone who needs something to hit or throw things into.

What could I possibly do with exotic flowers? Well, not much but my little girl plays with them for as long as I let her. She would spend all day outside destroying our few decent plants if she had the chance. Maybe these plants could double up as toys and I could make a little play section of the garden where she could wreak havoc to her heart’s content.

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