Time for an Entrepreneur

The fact that I had to look up how to spell the word entrepreneur is a sure sign that I am not one. I have never been bold enough to strike out on my own in the business world and the only venture I have really undertaken is my pig farm which has turned into such a disaster that even the pigs mock my lack of basic business skills. If you have ever been mocked by a pig then you will know how much that hurts me.

So what type of business idea would suit me?

I could run a hairdressers offering hair perfection. This is a nice idea but when people walked in and saw the poor state of my own barnet they would run straight back out again, I fear. So, the first step would be to sort out my own hair first. After all, you don’t buy soap from a guy with a dirty face or shoes from a barefoot person.

Could I run a martial arts fitness centre? Only if I could sit behind a desk all day and let other people do the kung fu and the judo moves. 5 minutes of dancing to Barney the Annoying Dinosaur with my daughter is enough to leave out of breath so I don’t think that sustained spells of body to body combat would really suit me.

Does being a stainless steel distributor literally mean just driving around with bits of metal in my car and handing them in to people? If so then I could do that. I have always wanted a driving job and if it involves delivering sharp pieces of metal then this is even better than pizza or hamburgers. Well almost.

I am a little bit fuzzy on what Berenguer Dolls are but I am sure that I could sell them / make them / dress them up and enter them in doll beauty competitions.  My little girl is at an age in which she spends hours playing with her dolls so my only problem would be if she got hold of my stock and ended up painting them with my wife’s lipstick or with her lunch.

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