The Book of Your Life

If we all have one book in us then what is your’s going to be about? How would I know if I don’t even know what mine is about. Let’s look at some ideas together and see if we can come up with something between us,

I don’t think I have ever read a book about frozen meat distributors and I don’t know where I would start. Would it talk about the trials and tribulations of keeping the meat at exactly the right temperature while dealing with a cheating partner and a drug addict son? Or maybe that there would be a violent war between rival distributors, who would hit each other over the head with frozen legs of lamb.

A more suitable subject for a book could be the lifes and times of beachcombers. These people have interesting lives and it would be a pleasure to write about them. I just had a look and someone already wrote a book with this title which is “beautifully written”, so that’s too much competition for me, I am afraid.

Can you imagine writing thousands of words about dog boarding? I guess it would be more about the humans who worked there than the animals though, unless I was looking for a cute and lucrative Disney tie in. If they ever did give me an animated film of my book I would want to do one of the voices myself, of course.

What would a steel detailer book be about and would Disney be interested in purchasing to rights to it as well? I have no idea and I think this book would need an awful lot of research done on it before I could get started. After looking at all of these options I can only suggest that you go with a subject you are genuinely interested in. So if steel detailing is your thing I won’t mind you stealing my idea.

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