What April Fool Prank Would Raise a Smile?

Well, that’s the first of April over and done with for another year. We had Google Nose,  Skype for space, military police cats and one of my shoes in the fridge. Actually, I think my little girl put my footwear in there without being aware of the date but I’ll still be marking it down as her first April Fool anyway.

So what is there left for us to do in the future? For a start, I don’t think anyone has ever devised a cunning joke using a hydroponics system, have they? How would you even incorporate this into an April fool though? My best guess is that you could put plants in your Gran’s bathtub and see how she likes it. In fact, maybe she will love it and it will start a new trend for green bathing.

With front yard landcaping it is a bit easier to make a foolish prank. For example, I could turn our garden into a post modern wasteland when my wife nips out for some milk. In fact, I already did that a while ago and it wasn’t even the first of April. Maybe next year I can try and repair the damage I did to it when I tried to fit some paving slabs.

What fun could we get up to with apple cider vinegar and an unsuspecting aunt? I actually drunk some straight vinegar a few years ago when I thought it was something else. The experience was pretty horrible and I can imagine how other people must have enjoyed seeing the look of abject misery on my screwed up face. Yeah, it is definitely time to inflict that on someone else now.

I bet that even the kooky guys at Google couldn’t come up with a humorous prank involving an electric water heater. Now I think about it I have never been a fan of April Fool pranks anyway. Now if you will excuse me I am off to defrost my shoes.

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