A Little Bit of Stimulation Please

My little girl is at that awkward phase where she wants to run about and do things all day but usually ends up falling over and hurting herself. We have relatives who have a farm and we take her there she goes mad chasing after ducks, grunting at the pigs and throwing corn all over the place.

Now what I need to find is something to stimulate her mind while she stays pretty much in the one place for a reasonable period of time.

Is she too young to go to a pamper me day spa? At 18 months old I am not sure that she will fully appreciate a massage or a pedicure but maybe she would just like the day out. If there is a jacuzzi she could take her Barney the Dinosaur in with her and play about in the bubbles. While she is doing her stuff I might even have time for a bit of pampering myself.

Aren’t garden centres great places to take kids? I am sure that she would love to look at some plants, sit on some wooden benches and maybe even get a baked potato for lunch. The only slight problem is that there aren’t any around here. There is an old woman around the corner from us who sells geraniums but I’m not sure she would be too keen on us sitting on her bench and eating baked potatoes.

She already has a dog but he is getting old and grumpy now. Does this mean that I should look at puggle puppies for her. If the dogs can keep her busy for a few hours each day then they will be worth their weight in gold to us. If they can change nappies and prepare bottles of milk then they will be absolutely priceless.

I saw the name place for children and it certainly sounded like the sort of thing we need. It is the first time I have heard of it but it seems that it is somewhere kids can play while the parents relax and do other things. I had thought that this was called gran’s house but if we can get a break somewhere else as well then that is great.

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