A Retro Guy for a Retro World

It ¡s my birthday tomorrow. Hooray for me. The next step in my irrevocable ageing process has got me thinking about how the world has changed since I first opened my eyes and saw a leaden grey Scottish sky over my head. Who would have thought that TVs and cars would ever have caught on?

I am only joking of course. I am not that old, although the Internet, Play-Stations, DVDs and limited edition kit kats have all been introduced to the world with varying degrees of success in my lifetime.

Let’s look at some random thoughts about whether life has progressed or not since I was born.

They didn’t do Lazer tag rentals back in my day. Actually since I don’t know what they are there is a chance that they did. Having said that, we old guys know that Laser doesn’t have a z in it anywhere. We also know that there is no k in cool and there is almost definitely both an h and an a in what. Come on kids, get your spelling right.

I remember when the only people you saw with tattoos were axe murderers and rock stars. Nowadays even gran probably has a snake on her back. I just don’t get this craze at all. It seems utterly ridulous to me but, hey, there is a fair chance that if there is an oddball here then it’s me. I was tempted to get tattoo supplies once and give myself a pair of panda eyes but that is a long story best left for my next birthday.

I saw the name Scooby dog washing and – copyright infringement aside – I immediately thought of lazy Sunday afternoons watching my favourite cartoons, eating chocolate until I was sick and pretending I was sick so I could stay at home the next day. Ah, the simple pleasures of a 30 year old.

I have slipped a bit off the subject here but purified water will get me back on it again I think. You see, when I was kid the only water you could get was out of a tap. I don’t remember ever thinking that it would be nice to be able to buy the stuff in a bottle. When I first saw bottled water on sale I believe that I openly scoffed.  A few years later I couldn’t believe it when I saw that my old mum had a bottle of the stuff next to her mobile phone.

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