This list contains the top deals I've found for Antique Book Appraisers. We have also written about Real Estate Appraisers, Book Binding and Kelly Blue Book.
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Antique Book Appraisers

Antique Book Appraisers – Find all Rare Boos Appraisers here and know th value of your Book collection. Check out also places where you can sell these at a very justified price.
  1. Ask Yahoo!: Answer this question posted in Ask Yahoo! Asking where in the Web can he know the value of a rare book. View the best answer here of the websites that offer rare book appraisals. (
  2. Abe Books: Abe Books is passionately giving the book lovers and owners what they really need. You can browse their Bookseller page to view all their rare books for sale. Also, they offer Book Appraisal services to those who do not know the price tags of their Book Collection. (
  3. Faded Giant: This is your guide to rare and old book values. All you have to do is type in the text box and title of the book and as a result, its current pricetag will appear. Also, Let this site help you properly sell your books, visit their Book Price Guide, Signature Guide, eBay Selling Tips, and other helpful information. (
  4. Flat Signed: This is all about rare Book Appraisals. Have an idea on how much that book of your costs nowadays. Visit their instant online book Appraisals here. (
  5. Litterascripta: Another place that offers rare Book Appraisals. Check out how much your books cost. (
  6. LovetoKnow: Know about rare Book Appraisals here at LovetoKnow. Know what an Appraiser Does, How to Get a Rare Book Appraisal, Finding a Qualified Appraiser, and all trusted Book Appraisal Websites. (
  7. Rare Book and Special Collection Reading Room: This is their rare Book and Collection Division where you can contact their Book Appraisers. Check out their contact details here. (
  8. Nugent: For all your Appraisal service need, go to Nugent. They specializes in Personal Property Appraisals on all sorts of items including Books, Golds, Coins, Antiques, and others. They also offer Insurance Appraisals, Estate Settlement Appraisals, Divorce Appraisals, Charitable Donation Appraisals, and more. (
  9. Rare Books and Manuscripts Section: For your od books, you might want to know from a Expert Appraiser the value of those. Other than that, first know how to consider a book, to be a rare book. Know all the factors needed here. (

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