This list contains the top deals I've found for Black Wedding Dresses. We have also written about Strapless Wedding Dresses, Beach Wedding Dresses and Camouflage Wedding Dresses.
-- Desiree

Black Wedding Dresses

  1. Black Wedding Dresses at Google Images: It’s uncommon for a girl to wear a black wedding dress on one of the most important day in her life. You can use these pictures of black wedding dresses pulled from a variety of Web sites as your inspiration if you want to go for a black dress on your wedding day. (
  2. Darius Cordell’s Black Wedding Dresses: Offers plenty of wedding dresses in color white, but you’ll see one black wedding dress in a strapless style. (
  3. East Bridal: They have some black wedding dresses for sale here available in styles like V-neckline, strapless, A-line, etc. (
  4. EBay: Over 1,000 matches for black wedding dresses that are up for auction or immediate sale found here. Includes some traditional black wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses that could pass for a wedding gown, and others are white wedding dresses with black accents. (
  5. Nina and Russell: This January 2010 blog post showcases a New York wedding with the bride wearing a pretty black wedding dress. I especially like the photographs of this wedding. (
  6. Offbeat Bride: A blog that focuses on offbeat weddings which offers a good number of posts showing brides in black wedding dresses, with styles ranging from black rock ‘n roll & punk dress styles to Gothic styles to simple traditional wedding gowns. (
  7. Wedding Dress Fantasy: Check out their wide collection of black wedding dresses that can be customized based on your preference. You can also coordinate other colors to your black dress such as pink, gold, grey, and white. (

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