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A Solar Challenge

You may not have realised it before now but the Solar Challenge happens around this time of year in Australia. Competitors from around the world try to get from Darwin to Adelaide (it is quite a long way) in the solar powered cars they have designed. It sounds like a great idea to me and I wonder what other things we should be looking to make solar powered as well. Solar powered electric lawn mowers.

What Else Can We Make Smart?

I have just about got the hang of smart phones and now it appears that they are going to bring out a smart watch as well. The smartest watch I have ever had played 7 different Beatles melodies on it and was waterproof up to about 3 centimetres of depth. This was a few years ago and I can’t even imagine what a modern smart phone will be like. Will it have 10 Beatles melodies.

Is It Time for a Racy Facebook Photo?

It seems as though my nephew’s favourite TV star is still getting all controversial. With the amount of column inches dedicated to Miley Cyrus and her MTV Awards performance I thought that maybe it was time to produce a few racy photos of my own and put them on Facebook. Would this be a good idea? Might I end up a laughing stock? First off, I could take some sleek shots of myself looking all.

My Shiny New Apps

I finally entered the 21st century the other day. Actually, I am not quite in it yet but I have at least opened the door to it and I am having a look around. After years of resisting I finally went to have a look at some smartphones. My current phone is pretty dumb, in that it can only make phone calls and send messages. I have heard that there are plenty of things called.

Could You Live Far from Civilisation?

Ever since I moved from the UK to South America I have felt just a little bit isolated from things. Of course, with internet and cable TV these days it is pretty much impossible to be really cut off from the world now. Or is it? It appears that a group of Peruvians who live in a remote, isolated tribe have just established contact with villagers to ask for food. What would it be like.