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The Games That Should Have Existed

I just read about the PlayStation 4 and my memory took me back in time to a very distant place in which an excited little boy opened up his Christmas present. This little boy knew that it was a ZX Spectrum in it but that didn’t stop him from ripping the paper to shreds and almost falling down the stairs in excitement. I (for yes, t’was me in an earlier life) have played a lot.

New Uses for Old Cats

I was a bit surprised the other day to read that cat DNA has been used to trap a murderer for the first time ever. This is bad news for feline loving murderers but good news for the rest of us, I suppose. Anyway, this got me wondering about other new uses we could find for our whiskered friends. There must be something those lumps of fur are useful for. I know that there are.

A Blue Moon at Last

We all know the expression about something only happening once upon a blue moon but how long have I been waiting to actually see one? Well, it it seems as though there is one coming along soon. So what kind of thing only happens once in a blue moon anyway? Maybe one or two of the following. A Ferrari gets beat in a race against vintage snowmobiles, for example. I would love to see this.

The Sun’s Going to Flip Its What?

I just read that the sun is about its flip its magnetic field and I got really worried. Then I realised that I don’t even know what this means. Unless we are all going to perish in a giant ball of flames or get drawn into a giant gravity field I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. However, what if I had to fly close to the sun on a mission to save the Earth?.

Getting Around the Airport

Maybe I am just behind the times but I have only just found out that it is possible to buy a suitcase scooter. It is entirely possible that everyone else on the planet has already used or at least seen one of these contrapations but I had no idea that they existed. If you are as behind the times as I am then this basically a suitcase with a skateboard stuck onto it. This sounds.