This list contains the top deals I've found for Craft Tooling Copper. We have also written about Copper Gutters, Copper House Numbers and Micheals Craft Store.
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Craft Tooling Copper

Craft Tooling Copper –  Copper Tooling is a creative art that uses  Copper or any metal Sheets for unbeatable Masterpiece! Find all places in the Web here where you can avail Copper Tooling Supplies. Also, you’ll find instruction on how to create your own Copper Tooling art!
  1. Whimsie Studio: Find the best Copper, Brass and Aluminum perfect for Tooling, Embossing and Fine Craft. View their complete list of Sheet Metal Foils like Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Blue, Green, and Red Foils, and more. Also you’ll find Tools and Supplies for your Metal Craft Projects. (
  2. Copper Foil – Whimsie Studio: This page is dedicated in giving us complete information on Embossing and Tool Copper Foil, Brass Foil, and Aluminum Foil. Know the basics How-Tos for Artists and Crafters out there. (
  3. Suite101: Learn the craft of Copper Tooling here at Suite101’s Multimedia Arts section. Know how this art started and check out all the materials needed for your own Copper Foil Crafting. Know the proper crafting, finishing, and tooling. (
  4. Babaga News: Babaga News teaches us th basic Copper Tooling Craft. You can either read their online instructions or Download their free printable instructions and photos. (
  5. Find all suppliers of Copper Tooling Supplies here at Alibaba. Check out their company profile here. They also include a link on how to contact them. (
  6. Basic Copper: Buy this Copper Sheet that has a 5 Mil Dimension. This Copper Foil Roll is now at $28.99. This sheet has a 24 by 24 inches dimension. (
  7. Basic Copper: This time, you’ll get the Copper Sheet that has the 18 by 10 feet dimension and has the price of $67.99. Buy this Copper Foil Roll here at Basic Copper. (
  8. Home Brew Talk: Check out creative ways on how to renovate your own Brew House. Check out their Copper Tooling designs here. (
  9. Amazon: Buy this Aluminum and Copper Tooling Guidebook written by Little Craft S.. This is the Hardcover version and available to the following online store. View images of this book here. (
  10. Steetz Copper Craft Ltd: This is your site for all your Traditional Custom Copper Works. Steetz only offers their Highest Quality Hand Tools and Sheet Metal Machines. You can view their Unique Ornamental Copper Arts here. They are also contractors for your Copper and Sheet Metal Roofing and they also installs your Copper Gutters and other works. (

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