This list contains the top deals I've found for Design a School Shirt. We have also written about T-Shirt Design Software, T-Shirt Design Software and Basketball T Shirt Templates.
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Design a School Shirt

  1. Make Ur Own: Make your own design for your shirt, and other items here at Make Ur Own. Check out their Hot Products here. Buy their Plain Shirts here and use their Design Generator and start making your design. (
  2. Custom Ink: Design your own School Shirt here at Custom Ink. Choose your T-Shirts now and customized their school designs here. Use their T-Shirt Design Tool here. (
  3. School Rock Café: 2000+ Design Templates you can use in designing your own school Shirt. They can also customize these designs for your school and then print and ship them to you. Check out their Design Choices here. (
  4. Logo Sportswear: Custom High School T-Shirts here at Logo Sportswear.  Crete your own design now just by choosing a T-Shirt Design, Choose the Product and then customize it. Read their Terms and conditions here regarding their Shipping and number of orders. (
  5. The Graphic Edge: Custom Screen Printed and Embroidered Apparel for online sale here at The Graphic Edge. Contact them here and view their price quotes. (
  6. Rival Art: Check out their list of Sports Clipart, Mascot Clipart and Shirt Templates and start making your school’s Shirt Design. View the entire gallery here. (
  7. Logo Sportswear: Check out their Custom T-shirt Design tools here at Logo Sportswear. Here, you are free to use their tools in improving your School Designs. (
  8. The Spirit Zone: Make your own Custom School T-shirts here at The Spirit Zone. View all kinds of Shirts here, and add more effect to it by putting your own design. (
  9. Gilbert American: Popular designs for School Shirts here at Gilbert American. View their Popular Designs here. Call their Hotline for more info. (
  10. High School Shirt design idea: Check out this Gray T-Shirt with “Greenwood Gators” design.  Browse their categories including Sorority, Fraternity, Sports, Embroidery, Activities, Events, Religious, Holiday, Political, Summer Camps, Occupations, Pop Culture, and more. (

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