This list contains the top deals I've found for Exercise Journals. We have also written about Sea Kayaks Essentials, Resistance Bands and Mack Dump Truck.
-- Kenneth

Exercise Journals

  1. American Society of Exercise Physiologists: Check out their online Journal of Exercise Physiology. Read the current issues here and also their past issues. (
  2. Google Shopping: Exercise Journals for sale here at Google Shopping. View their products and prices here. (
  3. Exercise Journals: Find all sources of fine online journals here at Exercise Journals. Find journals for Exercise Physiology, Athletic Training, Clinical Biomechanics, Clinical Exercise Physiology, Health and Fitness, and many more. (
  4. Journal of Exercise Physiology: This is the Official Journal of the American Society of Exercise Physiologists. View all Submission guidelines, and their archives here. (
  5. International Journal of Exercise Science: Read PDF Files of Issues from their Exercise Journals here at Exercise Science. Read them here. (
  6. Shape Fit: Keep your Exercise Journals updated with these Records of your Workouts. Check out also their calculators, ebooks, and more. (
  7. Body for Life: View their online Exercise Journals here. Check out also their recommended programs for certain issues. (
  8. Fit Day: Free Diet and Weight Loss Journal here at Fit Day. This is completely free; they even track your Foods, Exercises, Weight, and Goals. You can also view your calories, Nutrition, Weight Loss and more. (

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