This list contains the top deals I've found for Fishing Lures. We have also written about Fishing, Saltwater Fishing and Fly Fishing Supplies.
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Fishing Lures

  1. Rapala: The Home of Top-Quality Fishing Lure only here at Rapala.  View their latest lines of Fishing Lures for sale here. Also know their latest News and Events, their Local Dealers, and more. (
  2. Bass Pro Shops: View their popular Fishing Equipments for sale including Rods, Lures, Worms, and more. Shop for Fishing Lures specifically Designed for Freshwater Fishing, Fly Fishing, and Saltwater Fishing. Check out also some of their Outdoor Items for Archery, and Hunting. (
  3. Extreme Lures: Take a look at their Award Winning Hi Tech Fishing Lures for sale. Shop for Fishing Lures form top brands like MegaBait, Megabass, Lucky Craft, Jackall, and more. (
  4. Fishing Lure at Wikipedia: A fishing lure is an object attached to the end of a fishing line which is designed to resemble and move like the prey of a fish. Wikipedia let us find out the History behind Fishing Lures. Know the Methods, Types, and more information about these Lures. (
  5. Tackle Warehouse: This is your one-stop-shop for all Fishing Gadgets including Reels, Rods, Line, Baits, Lures, and other stuff. View their Featured New Items here. Read their Fishing Guide for more successful Fishing Activity. View their Sale Items here. (
  6. Fish and Save: Buy Wholesale and have discounts on all their Gears, and Tackles. Shop according to Categories including Rods, Reels, Lures, Tackle, and other accessories. (
  7. Lurenet: This is the official website of Arbogast, Bomber, Booyah, Cotton Cordell, Creek Chub, Heddon, Lazy Ike, Rebel, Silver Thread, Smithwick, XCalibur and YUM. All the things you need to know about fishing can be found here. Read their Featured Article, and their Featured Products. (
  8. Glow Inc.: Check out their Glow in the Dark Fishing Lures here at Glow Inc. Their bait-loving customers report great success with glow in the dark fishing lures. Try using them now. (
  9. Pike Fishing Freak: Pike Fishing Lures for Online sale here at Pike Fishing Freak. Also read their Related Articles, Guides, and Reviews here, all for the success of our Fishing Career. (
  10. E-Bait: This is your shop for hard to find, high quality Bass Fishing Lures, Crappie Fishing Lure, Walleye Fishing Lures and Muskie Fishing Lures. Check out also their unique fishing lure manufacturers for more details and dozens of Fishing Lure Kits. (

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