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Greenhouse Plastic

  1. Listing For Greenhouse Plastic Film: Here is a great listing for you, to find great green house plastic films. All sizes of it are available. You will also be able to see sample pictures of it. (
  2. Supplies Of Greenhouse Plastic Films: Are you in need of a large supply of greenhouse plastic films? Here at this place you will get it. They offer the best quality of plastic at very competitive prices. (
  3. Make Your Own Greenhouse With Greenhouse Plastic Films: Looking forward to build your own greenhouse? It’s easier and cheaper to build your own greenhouse using plastic films rather than using the glass. (
  4. Supplies Of Plastic Films And Other Materials For Your Green House: It’s a great place ensuring the quality supplies of greenhouse materials like glass, plastic films, fans etc. You can purchase them all at a price that no one can offer online. (
  5. Great Discount On Green House Plastic Films: Who would prefer to buy things in full price while they are getting the same quality of materials from a place, which is offering discounts? This place is giving great discounts on the   greenhouse plastic films! Check it out! (
  6. Why Use ‘Visqueen’ Plastic Instead Of Greenhouse Plastic: Using visqueen plastic is better preferred by some instead of the green house plastic! What’s the reason for choosing visqueen plastic instead of the green house plastic? To know about this fact visit this place. (
  7. Crystal Clear Plastic Films For The Greenhouse: One thing is really necessary to do before you decide to choose the plastic films for your greenhouse. That is making sure it’s clear. This helps to maintain the temperature static. For crystal clear plastic films contact this place. (
  8. Building Your Backyard Greenhouse From Scratch: Would you like to build your own backyard greenhouse. It’s a very easy task to build your own greenhouse. Using plastics for making greenhouse is cheap and helps to save lots of money to invest on other things. (
  9. Greenhouse Plastic Films On The Sale: Here you will find great quality of greenhouse plastic films on the sale! You will find plastic films from fresh stocks and the price is not that high for your budget! (
  10. Purchase Green House Plastic For Tents: Have you ever thought of making a custom tent from the green house plastic films? It can be a great thing for you to do, as this can retain the heat for night. (

Additional User Suggestion

  1. scott bowlan wrote:

    my name is scott bowlan research/development co.
    we have just finished the development of a new clear 10 mil. P.E.T. greenhouse sheeting
    this material is like the plastic used in clear soda bottles.
    extremely strong.
    live span in direct sun is from 5 to 10 years.
    we are about to market this new film by the linear ft in rolls 4 feet wide by 100 feet long or longer for hobby use.
    price would be $1.00 per, linear shipping.
    we can do custom roll width wide at 10 feet any length needed.
    standard size rolls are 400lbs at 4 feet wide at 1150 feel long for commercial use.
    hobby size rolls would be 4 feet wide by 100 feet long.
    if this is of interest we can send you a free test sample of the 10mil. P.E.T sheet.
    we suggest it be retailed by the square foot.
    if your interested please let me know.

    scott bowlan,
    research/development co.

    Posted 12 May 2012 at 1:43 am
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