This list contains the top deals I've found for Hermes Kelly Pochette. We have also written about Hermes Kelly Bag, Hermes Kelly Bag and Hermes Kelly Wallet.
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Hermes Kelly Pochette

  1. EBay: Currently offering more than 30 previously-owned vintage Hermes Kelly Pochette clutch handbags that are up for auction or immediate sale.  (
  2. Handbag Store: Dress it up or dress it down, Hermes Kelly Pochette clutch bags will take you from daytime cool to nighttime chic. Find 15 items of Hermes Kelly Pochette Clutch bags in black lizard skin, brown crocodile skin, tabac ostrich skin, and others. (
  3. Hermes Kelly Pochette-Tan: This petite version of Hermes Kelly Pochette is perfect for a night out on the town or a busy day. It features Lambskin leather, Hermes signature in silver print that comes with Hermes certificate of authenticity card, care booklet, receipt and dust cover. Sales price is $199.00. (
  4.  This Hermes Kelly Pochette is perfect for every occasion and can be carried using the handle by hand.  (
  5. Summer at Hermes Paris: An August, 2008 blog post that’ll take you to the store window of Hermes in Paris, where you can see the latest Hermes Kelly Pochettes as well as other Kelly and Birkin bags.  (
  6. The Purse Blog: Features Victoria Beckham carrying a Hermes Kelly Pochette. Hermes is the go-to brand for Victoria Beckham’s handbag decisions.  (
  7. Offers Hermes Kelly Pochette clutch bags in a variety of colors such as purple, pink, red, orange, peach, silver, white, grey, black, etc. (

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