This list contains the top deals I've found for Home Inventory Services. We have also written about Ledcor technical services, Chauffeur Services and Crane Services.
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Home Inventory Services

  1. American Home Inventory Protection: The American Home Inventory Protection have been involved in lots of businesses over the years, including Military, Government and various other Technology professions. They specialize in documenting personal property for homeowners for fire, theft, water damage, estate planning, mover’s damage, storage inventory, and more.  (
  2. Custom Home Inventory Services: A privately owned company incorporated in January of 2007 that provides customized services and products to meet your inventory needs for home and business. Their site also provides helpful links and common questions asked about inventory services for those of you who are just getting started. (
  3. DocuHome: In this site, you’ll find home inventory software to record and store an inventory of personal property and important documents for your insurance needs. (
  4. KC Home Inventory: KC Home Inventory has been serving homeowners since 1993, so you’ll feel more confident about their services. Check out their FAQs section to learn more about Home Inventory. (
  5. Michigan Home Inventory Service: MI Home Inventory Services helps in documenting and recording personal property for homeowners and the contents of small businesses and churches. You’ll also find here helpful links of resources such as the FEMA, The Disaster Center, National Safety Council, etc., Insurance Companies and Agencies. (
  6. Redwood Home Inventory: A home and business inventory services for Northern California that offers detailed documentation, video service, archiving service, and annual updates. (
  7. Stevendev Home Inventory: Their Home Inventory Services include a comprehensive video of your property, digital still photographs detailing your collections, antiques, jewelry and other valuables, printed records of your property detailing serial/model numbers and estimated or appraised value and a secured back-up copy of your home inventory which can be submitted to your insurance company or police department upon your request.  (
  8. Wise Owner Home Inventory: We don’t know when disasters would come that might destroy our homes, personal property and a lifetime of memories. And in times like this, it’s better to be prepared with a Home Inventory Service that professionally documents all your personal property. Wise Owner offers home inventory services plus also gives $25 cash reward for referrals. (

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