This list contains the top deals I've found for Humvees. We have also written about Military Surplus Vehicles for Sale, Luxury SUV and Military Surplus Vehicles For Sale.
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  1. XHumvee have supplied the military and the private sector with the finest refurbished and customized Humvee. And since Humvee nowadays are hard to find, they are adjusting their core business to new products. Their Humvee offers the highest quality, with justified price tags. (
  2. Military Humvee at Military Spot: Check out Military Spot’s Military Humvee, Weapons, and Equipments. This is a great source of these information. (
  3. HMMWV or Humvee at Wikipedia: Check out this military vehicle here at Wikipedia. Know its features, history, its versions, operators, replacement parts, HMMWV replicas, its similar vehicles and other important facts here Wikipedia. (
  4. Humvee at AM General LLC: Check out AM General’s military HMMWV (Humvee). View all its models, equipment, history, assembly and more. Learn about the features of this military Humvee, and its factory information. Learn the information aboiut HUMMER Vehicles, assembly plant, and owner information. Check out more here at AM General. (
  5. The Hummer Network: Established last June 26, 1996, The Hummer Network is the oldest updated Hummer web site. Check out their world-famous HML, it is their Internet Community of HUMMER owners and enthusiasts. HML facilitates online communication among those concerned with HUMMER vehicles. (
  6. Up-Armored Humvee at Defense Updated: It is an ar4ticle about Humvee’s add-on weapon system called “Up-Armored Humvee”. Read this 4-page article for military enthusiasts like you. (
  7. HMMWV at Global Security: This site offers useful information about HMMWV a.k.a. Humvee. Read their introduction, their systems, facilities, agencies, facilities, industry, operations, countries, hot documents, news, reports, policy, budget, congress, links and a lot more. (
  8. Facts  About Humvees at Google Books: Read this online book here at google. Entitled “Humvee” that gives us useful facts about this military vehicle. you can get this book at Amazon, Barnes&nobles, and more. (
  9. “94 military report panned Humvee as ‘deathtrap'” at USA Today: Read this news about Humvees at USA Today. Is it really a MRAP or a Death Trap? They let you decide. (
  10. Darpa Moves a Step Closer to Its Flying Humvee at View this futuristic design for military combat vehicle. It is a drastic upgrade for a bulky Humvee that turned into a Helicopter/Jet/Humvee. Read more here. (

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