Is the Countryside Even Any Good?

What’s all this fuss about the countryside? I have always been a bit of a city slicker but people tell me that in the countryside the air is cleaner, the water is purer and you don’t get run over by cars so often. Could this mean that it is time for me to leave the means streets of the concrete jungle behind and find a little house on the prairie to live in?

Are camping cots just for babies or can adults sleep in them as well? I really like the idea of sleeping in a cot, to be honest. Can you imagine sleeping in a cot under the stars with a Micky Mouse blanket over you and a hot bottle of milk beside you? I reckon that sleeping in adult cots could be the future.

I could go saltwater fishing while out in the country, couldn’t I? It sounds like the kind of healthy, harmless outdoor pursuit I would like, although the fish might not be so keen on it, I guess. Is there a way of fishing that doesn’t involve fish? I don’t really mind damaging a few octopii or squid so maybe I could fish exclusively for them instead.

I think that if I go camping then the one thing I would miss most would be the windows. I have been surrounded by windows all my life but I think I am right in saying that most tents don’t include these light givers on them. Maybe I could take some champion windows out to the wilds with me and just look through them occassionally for old time’s sake.

If I am being honest the thing that most scares me about the countryside isn’t the chance of running into bulls, mosquitoes or wild goats, although now that I think about it this would be quite scary too. However, I am more worried about destroying the planet. I am used to the contaminated cityscape and I am a bit nervous about ruining the pristine countryside now as well. Maybe I would drop my frying pan in a crystal river and end up having to call out oil spill control services to resuce the fish from my ever growing olive oil slick. It’s enough of a worry to keep me at home this weekend.

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